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  1. My mom moved to that area when I was 15 (1997) and has lived there ever since. She lives in a newer but small neighborhood of tract housing by the power plant. Let me tell you, the first time that relief valve goes in the middle of the night scares the hell out of you. It sounds like a jet flying right over the house, we couldn't figure out what was going on until we looked out the window and saw the 200 foot plume of steam rising up in the direction of the plant. Back when she first moved there 646 was almost empty, now there are two or three new and gigantic neighborhoods going up between 146 and IH-45 and the traffic is atrocious. I remember driving to work over the summer to the OfficeMax on Bay Area Blvd and doing 70 on 646 from 146 to IH-45, nowadays you're lucky if you can get up to 45. (the speed limit now is 50 I think) It is nice that there is Wal Mart Supercenter, Target, Home Depot, right down the street in Kemah, but I'm not sure it's worth it with League City's sprawlish nightmare ever encroaching on Bacliff and Dickinson. (actually, parts of Dickinson have already been sucked in, 646 at IH-45 for example) While Bacliff itself is the still same it was 10 years ago, and probably when you lived there, the area immediately around it is changing unbelievably fast. It's probably only a matter of time before Bacliff gets caught in the mess.
  2. I actually saw the work they were doing when I visited my aunt over the summer. It looked like giant piles of sand so far. I have to admit I was little depressed, I played golf back in high school and I knew that course like the back of my hand, now it'll never be the same. (Playing every other day for a couple years will do that) But on the plus side, at least G-town gets a new course without really getting a "new course". Does anyone know how much it will cost? Will the cost of the remodel be reflected in the green fees? P.S. If you ever want a great spot to watch the airshow they have every April... grab some mosquito spray then drive down 99th street and walk around what was then holes 6 and 7 (just over the bridge), camp out in the trees. Ahhh... to be a kid again...
  3. I'm a little surprised this thread hasn't gotten a greater response. I guess there's a reason this mall went under right? No one ever went. The restaurant is called Mario's. I had totally forgotten about the Gold's Gym, it was there until it moved to its current location at 47th and Seawall. I seem to remember it had some very 60s-70s looking white arches in front of it? Other things started coming to me as I thought about the old mall, I remember a couple of fountains too, one big one straight in from the main entrance with a large skylight which is where I think they had the Santa Claus during the holidays, and a smaller one where the hall to the movie theater intersects the main corridor. I found that dead mall website too, ironically, Mall of the Mainland is on it which is the mall that stole the Sears anchor and much of the smaller stores from Galvez back in the early 90s. Assuming I don't forget, when I get back home for the holidays I'm going to see if I can find old pictures of the mall. I went to enough birthday parties and cub scout functions there that my dad is bound to have some somewhere.
  4. OK... this has interested me enough that I drew a map of the mall as well as I remember it. Feel free to correct or add. I know for sure the cafeteria was a Wyatt's, it was my favorite place to eat when I was a kid. It may have been something else before that, I was born in 1982 so of course my memory only begins somewhere around 1987 or 1988. I also remember when I was in a 6th grade we got sleet / snow (it didn't stick). I remember my mom taking me to Wyatt's Cafeteria after the snow stopped, that was in 1993 I think. This was the last time I remember eating there so I imagine the mall closed shortly after. Now that I'm looking at it I think there was book store near the Sam Goody, I can remember buying "Where's Waldo" books there. Edit: I asked a friend and confirmed that it was a B. Dalton bookstore. Though we couldn't come up with an exact location.
  5. I'm surprised this hasn't come up on this board before (or maybe it has and I missed it), but the other night I had a dream that was set in the Galvez Mall. I woke up and told myself, "what the hell was that?". I can't even remember when Galvez Mall closed... I'm 24 now and I'm guessing it closed when I was a 10 or 11. So of course I have start this thread: Galvez Mall memories. Post your memories and if you have any pictures those too. Does anyone remember the stores there or the configuration of the mall? Bonus points for someone who can come up with a map of the mall. For me: - Pinewood Derby races outside of the Sears when I was a cub scout. - Birthday parties at the Aladdin's Castle arcade across from the movie theater I remember there was a Sears on one end and an Eibands on the other. In between, there was a Wyatt's Cafeteria, a Shwartz(I think?), maybe a Bealls?, and of course your standard mall shops like GNC and Sam Goody. What else do y'all remember? P.S. For those who don't know, Galvez Mall was a small shopping mall located at 61st street and IH-45 in Galveston. It sits on the same land that has the Home Depot and Target now.
  6. Haha, yeah I forgot I'm not cut from the same stone as most BOIs. I'm a libertarian so I oppose any kind of public housing, I think it just breeds more poverty. To each our own though.
  7. That's an old picture! Though I haven't attended TAMUG in a few 2-3 years I've been back and there's now a real, bona fide, apartment complex and a gas station at that intersection. The apartments in those pictures are actually more like private dorms or efficiency apartments rather than real apartments. I think the smartest thing for the developers was making it so that you can't rent an apartment at either of those places without being a student. This ensures that you're normal Galveston apartment dwellers can't live there. The trail I talked about comes to the road right there at that intersection, I remember a story I heard from some A&M off road guys here at the main campus about going off-roading down there and the city of Galveston even brought out a fire truck to wash the trucks off after they were done. Galveston loves those TAMUG students. If you got pulled over and told the cop you were a TAMUG student, more than likely you would get off warning. Here in College Station the students are treated like nuisance, if you get pulled over you're going to get a ticket for whatever you did as well as whatever whatever the cop can dig up on you while you're sitting there. (I've heard of students getting pulled over for having license plate frames, apparently that's illegal) Anyway, its amazing how a city with real crime (Galveston) has such a different attitude toward the college students. Any non-section 8 development is more than welcome in the minds of most Galvestonians.
  8. I'm long time reader, first time poster. Great forum by the way. Anyway, I was born and raised in Galveston and attended TAMUG for three years (2001-2004) before deciding that maritime industry wouldn't be for me. Six inches above sea level is a gross exaggeration, I would guess that the campus of TAMUG itself is about 10-12 above sea level. I lived in Galveston when Hurricane Claudette hit and went around taking pictures during the height of the storm. According to the National Hurricane Center report from Claudette, storm tides in the Galveston-Freeport area were 6-9 feet above mean low water. I can tell you without question that the water was nowhere near threatening any building on the TAMUG campus. The knee deep water on campus that the above poster was referring to may have been as a result of rain water? I can remember wearing flip-flops on days when it rained because you would get your shoes wet from the puddling water. That is the small boat basin at TAMUG during Hurricane Claudette. I'm sorry for the bad quality and lack of detail, I took this picture back before I got hardcore into photography. Anyway, the small boat basin is exactly what the name says. Those buildings to the right are some kind of storage sheds and the body of water in the background is the Galveston Ship Channel. I took the picture from my car on a road that leads down the boat basin. You can see the road is flooded, but it also slopes down quite a bit from the point that I took the picture. The main part of campus was behind me in the picture, so you can see the water was no where near threatening it, seeing as how I could drive there without a problem. (and I have a Toyota Camry) As for Pelican Island, its an interesting place to explore. Before I got my Camry I had a 4WD Jeep Cherokee and there are numerous trails that run all over Pelican Island. I would seriously advise that if you go exploring that you do it in a 4WD, if its even the slightest bit muddy you can get stuck and the area is quite remote. I'll try my best to explain whats in the image... The bottom southwest corner of the island is the campus of Texas A&M - Galveston. I've explored the area north of Seawolf Parkway. You can see the trails in the image. The large dark areas on the top of the image are the spoil ponds. You are very very wrong when you say Pelican Island is only 6 inches above sea level. Those spoil ponds themselves are, from my guess, 40-50 feet above sea level. I checked out a 1994 topo map and its pretty clear that even just in the last 10 years the area has changed a lot. When you go north from Seawolf Parkway on any of the trails you hit an old levee which is probably about 20 feet high, you can drive up this levee and continue all the way back to the current spoil ponds. I would guess Pelican Island is anywhere from 10-50 feet in elevation depending on where you are exactly. I have no doubt its one the highest spots in Galveston County. I think it would be ideal for development since homes wouldn't need to be raised on stilts and the land is already filled in. I've always speculated as to why it was never developed, I just assumed because it was built entirely from ship channel spoil there may have been environmental or land subsidence issues? I have no idea though, maybe someone else can help with that. When I go back to Galveston over the Thanksgiving break I'll try to get some pictures.
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