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  1. I haven't kept actual count, but I'm pretty sure that every time I've gone under the bridges for the past year, there has been at least 1 (and usually more) flaws in the lighting (led light sections out or wrong color or off the program...etc) Did they make the system too complex? I think I would have preferred a simpler lighting system that worked and didn't distract from the experience with it's "problems"
  2. Timberwolf? I used to love that place - whoops that was near Bissonnet and Greenbriar, not Main
  3. Aren't they adding parking under the astrodome that would help alleviate that issue?
  4. The hard copy paper version mentioned specifically that they anticipated the Bissonnet location would get redeveloped and cited its proximity to West U, but without zoning since it's in Houston "Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages plans to close its two existing plants, one off Bissonnet and the other off Gulfgate, after moving its production and distribution operations to Pinto Business Park." https://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Coca-Cola-to-build-1M-square-foot-bottling-plant-12955383.php
  5. Any hope of tying this into the light rail somehow? It's not that far to Fannin from the site - maybe a shuttle/trolley, or moving sidewalks....I guess you have to get all the way to Fannin x Pressler for the closest station though. Hopefully this jump starts some further redevelopment of that stretch between Fannin and Bertner
  6. What's "the new Phase II development of that district"? Do they mean just the renovations, or is there something else afoot?
  7. I can't believe the upper kirby district has dropped the ball so dramatically on such a key intersection as Kirby and Bissonnett that so many super bowl visitors will transit. It looks absolutely third world in it's current state and at the rate they are going, there's no way they will be finished by early Feb. http://abc13.com/traffic/construction-chaos-work-on-kirby-on-pause/1554108/
  8. West U Elementary (where Southside place is zoned to) is already overcrowded and going to be getting worse with all the other projects on Bellaire Blvd nearby - this could get interesting in terms of how the straddling of city lines plays out with the PTA
  9. West U has zoning and Fenwood is absolutely zoned single family residential, so it has to be Shakespeare
  10. Hopefully oil and gas interests will get involved now as I can't imagine they will like the precedent of having the legislature take away eminent domain authority, even on an exception basis just for this project. This whole mess just depresses me with NIMBYs everywhere. Maybe they can find a Richmond routing for the HSR that will take it through Afton Oaks on the way to downtown!
  11. I don't think it's irrelevant because without the right to resort to eminent domain, you better have a reroute available in the event you come up against a landowner that is dead set against accepting a proposal, regardless of how lucrative it might be for them. With the number of properties and landowners likely to be involved on a route of this length, there are bound to be some that are not reasonable.
  12. Threatening may not be the right word, but all I can say is that I work in project development for oil and gas pipelines, where it does work like that. You try and acquire the ROW through amicable negotiations (paying above FMV in most cases to make it go smoothly), but if you run into a landowner that is not negotiating in good faith, then having the ability to invoke ED helps in the negotiation. You almost never want to actually go down that route though (as you point out) because of the lose/lose to both parties, but at least you have certainty that you can get the ROW at the end of the day. The other way to get leverage in the negotiation is to have scouted reroutes around that landowner available so instead of getting 200% of FMV out of it, they could get nothing.
  13. Said another way - having the ability to resort to eminent domain would give TCR more leverage in the free market negotiation against a truly intransigent landowner. Nobody wants to go through eminent domain, but having it as a backup option/threat helps
  14. Having eminent domain as a recourse though helps with negotiating leverage. Probably speeds the negotiations up a bit and is the difference between having to pay 100-200% of the fair market value and having to pay 400+% of the FMV.
  15. I noticed in the print edition of the chronicle (I'm sure it's online but I can't get through their paywall) that they mentioned "He said the next step to improve will the food court area and hopefully to bring a residential component to the top of the new Saks building" Is the Saks building being built to accomodate a future tower on top, or are they just talking about a few apartments on a single story above (sort of a modern take on the old mainstreet first floor retail, second floor living)?
  16. Hopefully Chevron doesn't decide to just lease out all of 800 Bell post renovation. With the tunnel connection, it would be relatively connected to their other towers and still give them a bit of the benefits of a campus without having to pony up the capital for a new tower.
  17. They weren't even very happy about taking over the remodeled El Paso building after that acquisition (as it was too fancy and didn't align with their low cost culture/image), so unfortunately, no matter how big they get, I can't see them ever building a super tall. Just not in that company's DNA.
  18. Hopefully this strategic review of their midstream business (that's M&A-speak for "deciding whether to sell") does not impact the timeline any further or the tower sizing. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-02-24/chevron-said-to-be-exploring-options-for-u-s-midstream-business.html
  19. They're definitely making progress on the crane. It's really towering over Rice Village already
  20. Does his amendment also preclude federal funding for BRT on Richmond? Maybe that's still an option in which case it could tie in to the planned BRT on Post Oak.
  21. There are like 8-10 people crawling all over the roof of the Houston Club building at this moment. It's too far to tell exactly what they are doing, but hopefully it means that things are moving along
  22. Drove by this morning and there was a new fence around the entire site (including the old walgreens building), some bull dozers and such, and a sign saying Hanover Company construction site. I think this thing is finally getting started.
  23. The Village news Link is reporting a mid July ground breaking and that the project is now called "Ashton Rice Village" with 20k sq ft of retail, and will be built in three phases. They intend to use a brick similar to the ones used at Rice and will have sidewalks 10-20 feet in width to promote pedestrian access.
  24. Now that Girotto is stepping down and Klotman is in at Baylor - any chance of a rapprochement?
  25. Village news is reporting that the site was acquired by Hanover who is proposing a new luxury apartment complex with 14k sq foot of retail and public park space...etc. It'll be nice to see something go up on the site, but the reduction in retail space is pretty considerable. http://www.village-southwest-news.com/register.aspx?sec=1 Click on "village news" and see page 1
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