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  1. Dang. Well, I hear that Park Place is heavily Hispanic so that'd be why it changed. But the Chuck Wagon's burgers--ohhh! They were to die for! There's a great discussion of the place on the Milby message board of classmates. com .
  2. OMG. My youngest brother had her in '65-'66. My other brother was a year ahead of him. Ashikaga, where did you live in Park Place? We lived off of Old Galveston Road and my grandparents lived on Easton. Does anybody know if the Old Chuck Wagon still exists in Park Place? And for shopping centers--is Palm Center still around? And y'all were talking about Playhouse Toys-does anyone remember the one at Gulfgate? It had a giant giraffe head over the stairs that led down to the ground floor. I still dream about that wing of Gulfgate and that giraffe, no clue why.
  3. If Dr. Butcher was the one with 2 sons and a daughter, he recently passed away. His daughter now teaches in Pearland, I believe. My father practiced medicine at Memorial Southeast (his office was on Howard at the Gulf Freeway). Many times I waited for him in the Southeast emergency room....
  4. Thank you for printing that. Living out of state, I never saw the obituary. She was one of a kind, all right, and Christmas wasn't the same without her. I tried to copy a picture of her here but it didn't work.
  5. Thank you musicman, we miss her desperately. She loved her location even though it was dangerous. She was robbed early on but insisted that Telephone was the best place for her kind of store.
  6. Wow, memories! My aunt had a bookstore, Colleen's, on Telephone until a few years ago. In the sixties, we frequently ate at the Old Hickory Stick and my parents adored the Orbit Room! And the Santa Rosa...we saw zillions of movies there.
  7. Nope, Dr. Boyle's office was very close to Park Place Baptist Church--down near the Gulf Freeway.
  8. Oh wow! My mother was wondering what happened to the Fairleighs. Dr. Fairleigh's daughter went to Sterling with us.
  9. My sister and her friend were laughing so hard on the Black Dragon that they wet their pants. Then they jumped out of the ride and went on their merry way. I always wondered, since the rides were loaded so fast, if the next people in that car sat in it.
  10. They made Morley a cut through? Hm. When I was growing up down near Cayton, there were no cut-throughs. That whole area behind Dover all the way to Broadway was a field--from Bellfort to Airport Blvd. As a matter of fact, the day before Kennedy was shot, I was sitting on top of my jungle gym and could see him in his limo--being driven down Broadway. I don't know what's back there now. My uncle's house, the next block over, backs up to some apartments. Last time my sister was in the neighborhood she saw some men chasing and harassing a Vietnamese restaurant worker, who was obviously trying to make it to an apartment building. Well, it's good to hear that GV might be making a comeback. It was such a great place to grow up.
  11. How safe do y'all think that Glenbrook is now? My sister says it's not...my uncle, who lives on Dover, was mugged in his front yard and robbed of his rings. We used to live on another section of Dover and she says oh, you don't even go to that part safely anymore. Opinions?
  12. Is Lewis a bad school now? I graduated from there.
  13. I don't know if any of you guys know this, but Jerrel Elliott was killed a few years back in a freak accident in his home. My aunt and uncle were his close friends and neighbors.
  14. He lived in this huuuuge house with a fair-sized lot near his office. I think that 4130 Colgate was his house.
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