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  1. I'm almost sure the lobby is original (restored). The molding is quite beautiful.
  2. You can also see the remants of 1970's Krogers on another former Montrose (77098) location 3443 Kirby, now an Office Depot (I used to shop there also in the early 80's) as well as Energized for Excellence Academy School at 6201 Bissonnet. Can't 100% be sure of this one but the building structure certainly screams a 1970's Kroger building. Like the Fiesta on Patton and Fulton, the arches on Office Depot and the Excellence Academy are dead giveaways.
  3. Yes, yes, yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one who scratched my head when I saw "more than 17 years" I just thought huh? My very first apartment was in Montrose back in 1983 and I remember it then being called "disco Kroger" Not exactly sure how long it's been there but for sure "MORE THAN 35 YEARS" would be more accurate! "
  4. Always thought it would be interesting to post this but never got around to it. But today I read on chron.com's "trending now" section the same topic. The blogger, writer, contributor or whatever the person's title is took note of TXDOT's freeway exit sign's reading Gray Avenue / Pierce Avenue pointing out how the street signs read Gray Street/Pierce Street and wanted to know why. Since I'm a historic Houston buff (especially for downtown/midtown) I kind of already knew why just by being curious and observant. When the Borden brothers (I believe they were brothers but I could be wrong) des
  5. Anyone know what this will be? The block north of the Metro Building and west of 1801 Main Street.
  6. Just taking a stab here (and I could be completely off) but I think I might know what you are referring to. Before The Life Science Plaza Building (2130 West Holcombe Boulevard) was built this was the site of The Towers Motor Hotel. Not sure when it was built but do know before being demolished it was not the place it once was in it's heyday. Wish there were pictures of it during it's glory instead of just these right before being demolished. This just might be the place your mother was referring to and location wise would make sense (church in WestU & The Alabama Theater).
  7. It's actually the 1801 Main Street Building. Not sure what it's original name was but do know it underwent a renovation in the early 2000's This photo is actually from 1965, I used to live in The Houston House Apartments and know it was constructed in 1965.
  8. Thanks "rechlin" That's kind of what I thought. And good point about "new total height" of the building!
  9. Does anyone know if the former antenna mast on the roof still serves a purpose? I know with the completion of Allied Bank Plaza (now Wells Fargo Plaza) and Texas Commerce Tower (now Chase Tower) it somewhat blocked the usefulness/operational functions of the antenna. But I came back to Houston in 2000 and the antenna still looked the same. However currently it seems to be stripped down to just a pole. Again, anyone know if it still serves a purpose?
  10. Was downtown today and I was awestruck at what is now visible! Sadly if it is true that it will be covered up once again, any architecture buff should make the trip to see this. The terracotta, sculptures, figurines or whatever they are called are so beautiful and seem to be pretty much intact. Perhaps the covering actually protected it. They were power washing it today. This (1101 Main) is not the Dollar Store that had the fire last week, that was the Dollar Store at 901 Main. Another clarification, the modernization with slip covers on some of the older buildings on Main did not occur
  11. I remember going to Sears across the street (mostly for the popcorn)! and seeing the Delman and One's A Meal. This was during the mid 1970's. ArchFan, the I think the porn you are recalling was shown down the street at what is today The Playhouse Theater. This theater has quite a history: http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/HistoricPres/landmarks/10L228_Playhouse_Theater_4816_Main_St.pdf Anyway next door to this was Wadells Furniture (I think today the entire structure no longer exists). My parents bought our bedroom furniture there around 1975. I realize this threa
  12. Awesome! Love the vintage pics of downtown Houston!
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