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  1. Yes that's the one. It is on the corner of Dallas and Montrose. They are building new townhomes across the street. The building and most of the old concrete parking lot is demolished and has been hauled away. I am going to walk my dog by there tonight and try and read the permit posted. We could use some retail over in that area other than the Chevron.
  2. Yes, it is on the same lot and it is just about completely leveled. So, any clue to what will be put in its place? I herd it my be a Mosque, but that doesnt seem right.
  3. Hello, I am new to this website and if this question has already been answered, then I am sorry. What is going to be built at Montrose and Dallas? I notice that the demo has begun on the old building towards Dallas. The large old Sears building that faces Allen Pkwy has yet to be touched. I live next door and was just curious to what is going to be built there. Thanks!
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