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  1. Dirt is much better for bicycles! Where is the challenge in riding a bike on smooth pavement? That is just plain boring. If I couldn't ride my bike on dirt trails, I wouldn't ride it at all.
  2. Requests go to the txdot not the city. However it seems the TXDOT is only responsible for Hwys, not sure if that includes the feeder roads, so I am including a city address below. I have worked in the same area for over 20 years. They constantly have speed traps on Old Katy Road and Hempstead Hwy because the speed limit is set too low. City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering PO Box 1562 Houston, Texas 77251-1562 Speed limits on Texas highways are set by the 85th percentile method, which represents the speed the majority of drivers will be traveling at or below. ftp://ft
  3. The dept of transportation has a form you can fill out and/or a number you can call if you want to get a speed limit changed. They are required to do a study first. Seems this is mostly to request a limit be lowered but I sent in a request that the limits be raised on Hempstead hwy and Old Katy Rd where they constantly have speed traps. If others agree and will also send in a request maybe we can get the limit changed. The number to call is 806-775-2132 http://www.ci.lubbock.tx.us/citizenPInfo.aspx?ID=62 You will need to register to use the online form.
  4. Too many people have been foreclosed on already. How is it fair to help some and not others? Foreclosures are good, they bring down home values and make homes more affordable. Get rid of property taxes if you want to help people avoid forclosure. Taxes should be based on income which often changes. You shouldn't have to pay rent on your house for the rest of your life in the form of taxes. When you buy and pay for a house you should own it free and clear.
  5. They are doing all these things cause they are sitting in traffic. I don't see people doing this when they are traveling 50 mph.
  6. When your young they often will pull you over for any reason they can think of. We would all get to work faster and there would be less traffic jams if everyone would just speed up. When the light changes hit the gas and go! If you are driving fast you should be paying more attention to what is going on. You think driving the too slow speed limit and gabbing on the phone or the person next to you is safer? Time is money... GO FAST!
  7. Those home warranties have a lot of outs when you read the small print. However if you have a fire I would expect the homeowners insurance to cover it.
  8. Motion activated security cam so you can catch the crooks in action.
  9. mumbles

    Barking Dogs

    I would suggest a shockwire for the killer pitbulls.! My neighbor lets her dog dig constantly by the fence, he finally broke through and then my dogs went over there. Now they want to go back and I am the one that had to buy a shockwire. Geeez For the barking you could try a barkbuster if you lived right next door. It puts out a loud annoying sound everytime the dog barks, if it doesn't work, maybe it will at least annoy the neighbor with the dogs.
  10. Illegal immigrants come to Texas from inside the U.S. as other states pass tough laws The investors should do well with their rentals now that more illegals are coming.
  11. My sons friend touched my dogs shockwire with a crowbar and it turned his toenail black. He was fine though, put down the crowbar.
  12. She says the point of the law suit is to make agents provide full disclosure. First time home buyers don't know what questions to ask, many agents aren't going to volunteer info, they just want to sell the house for the most they can get. I'm glad they filed the suit, if only to bring attention to others that they shouldn't trust their agent.
  13. Ummel claims that the agent hid the information that similar homes in the neighborhood were selling for less because he feared she would back out and he would lose his $30,000 commission. If the agent lied, then I think its great they are suing. Might make other agents pay attention and not tell so many lies. Most of the agents I have met work for themselves, not for the buyer. The sooner they sell a house and the higher the price, the more money they make.
  14. What gets me about the hardiplank is they don't bother to stagger it right, then you have what they call the zipper effect with these ugly lines. Another thing they sometimes do is NOT use hardiplank on the trim boards and in 5 years you have rotted trim.
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