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  1. I don't think Hines has ever self financed a project; what makes you think they would do that now? Doing so would add risk, reduce the rate of return, and tie up equity that could be used for other projects. I really don't see this as a possibility.
  2. That would REALLY slow things down, as condo would require about 40% pre-sales in order to secure financing.
  3. And it's definitely not the area I would choose for a Zaha Hadid building. Design doesn't fit, and market wouldn't support the cost. I'm impressed these developers are working with Zaha Hadid; take a look at their current properties! I am really excited though about the possibility of having one of her buildings in Houston. Possibility being the key word though.
  4. Maybe for good reason. There's an article this morning of yet another business closing in west ave. Gables is probably wishing they had built more apartments instead of all that retail space.
  5. Sequencing. They, have to leave a dirt ramp for the dump trucks and equipment to come in and out of the hole.
  6. No, parking garage is now going up in that spot.
  7. You can still get all the amenities you want with all the parking you need, it just doesn't need to be with such a suburban mindset and design, that's all. It could be something like this: or this:
  8. Besides, that was developed over 10 years ago, Houston was very different then.
  9. I feel like I just came out if a college lecture, in a good way. Thanks purdueenginerd.
  10. Parking has to go in before the residents, no one will pay those prices - in Houston - for apartments without parking.
  11. Is it really a change, or are we just looking at a side we hadn't seen before?
  12. Technically speaking, height is measured from average street level, not the entrance. I see nothing odd with how heights are measured, no reason to count underground levels.
  13. Not familiar with SA, but Austin was designed as an international terminal, and does include segregation of passengers as well an immigration facility. The segregation is for incoming passengers only, not outgoing. When international passengers come in, they are in 'international' territory until they clear immigration. They are not allowed to mingle with the rest of the population in the airport. The corridors between the gates and the immigration area, as well as the entire immigration area, are highly secure areas. In terminals whith both national and international passengers (such as Austin or IAH terminal E), there are corridors between gates designated for international travel and the rest of the terminal. You have no option but to go to the immigration area once you come off the plane. In terminals with only international travel, the terminal is open like any other terminal, but the only way out is thru immigration. The only way around it is for travelers coming from countries such as Canada ( I think a handful other countries have similar deals). In Canada, passengers coming to the US actually clear immigration and customs in the outgoing airports. The US government actually operates out of these foreign airports. In that case, planes from those airports can come into any airport in the US.
  14. You can build a facility or you can build a terminal, but the fact is a new building is needed to house the customs and immigration functions. While you're at it, you might as well build the additional gates you need for those new international flights, unless you are willing to drop existing national routes, because there are no idle gates in that airport. And if you did that, you would have a terrible experience because of the retrofit needed to segregate those existing gates for international travelers. Not sure what 'deal' you are talking about, but Southwest is footing the bill for the most part. I'm sure they looked at the best value while keeping their customers happy. They are a profitable company for a reason.
  15. ?? You just answered your issue. They cannot start int'l flights immediately without a customs (and more importantly, immigration) facility. Why is it stupid then? Technically, there's everything wrong with the current terminal as far as international flights are concerned.
  16. I don't think it's much of an issue. If a company like Kinder Morgan wanted to lease space there, they would make sure the name of the building changed to the Kinder Morgan Corporate Center or something. If the company leasing is not large enough to get naming rights, then they won't care.
  17. Well, these are the owners that were willing to sell. You don't think Hines approached owners of vacant land first so they could save the cost of demolition?
  18. They may also keep West Ave in mind. Businesses are having a hard time staying open in that location.
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