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  1. W isn't always flashy or sexy. Austin's is a very simple and elegant box.
  2. The Coso are condos, so it doesn't really matter if the developers knew. It's up to each individual owner to do their own due diligence before buying.
  3. From Bisnow: ARA's Clark Dalton, David Marshall, Tim Dosch, and Tom Dosch (who graciously got up early to meet us at Le Peep) tell us they've handled ninenew apartment development deals in Midtown and the immediate area in the last 15 months. Two of the big ones are Morgan's building on Smith and a redevelopment site on Main. The latter—right on the rail line a few blocks south of the Superblock—is proposed to be the first high-rise in the submarket.
  4. That looks SO out of place for that location. Who's the developer? Bet it's not midway
  5. It would be awesome if they can activate the street like that. I think it will depend on the type of retail establishments they bring in.
  6. I was expecting you to say they should build this in Midtown!
  7. I don't either. But I did comment last week, and I made it into a Chronicle article! http://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/gray-matters/article/Muttering-about-a-micro-park-5631404.php?cmpid=twitter-premium&t=fb5829de14d90d0955
  8. Can the comments about the academic programs be moved to another thread?
  9. I agree with your comments, but this is an architecture forum; we can criticize the architecture all we like, even if we do love the fact that the tower is being built and will do great things for the area. On another note, these two projects are not really going to "give downtown that much coveted legitimate walkable neighborhood " feel, but rather they will make only the area around the square a walkable neighborhood.. Similar to how Post midtown 12 years ago only transformed a small portion of Midtwon, and how OPP and DG only transformed a small portion of DT. The sad truth is that even if all the currently planned projects are built, Downtown as a whole will not become walkable. Yes, it will be better overall, and yes, there will be many more great urban pockets, but it will take a lot more to really transform DT.
  10. Market square tower has an amenity list like no other MF building in Houston, or Texas for that matter. 2 pools and full floors of amenities, including a basketball court and a golf simulator. I'm afraid than in order to include these amenities (and stay competitive), they will need to go cheap on the exterior. I'd venture to say that people are more likely to make a leasing decision based on the amenity package than on the exterior materials and architectural detailing.
  11. The golden rule for mixed use, is that each use has to be able to stand on its own. The retail needs to be successful without counting on the residents or office workers in the same building.
  12. Unfortunately it reminds me of this cheap-looking stucco building, more than it does of one park place
  13. I agree, I am also reserving judgment until it's built. Based on the rendering's lack of detail, it could be a very nice or a very bland building. It could be a very nice brick building, with interesting masonry detailing and relief. Or it could be a cheap-looking, flat-detailed stucco building.
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