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  1. I hope some of them are still affordable. A lot of UST students and recent grads live at Richmont Square. If all the new apartments are luxury-priced, UST will need to build additional on-campus housing.
  2. But there are a few good examples out there: Sysco and Gulf States Toyota are really nice BTS buildings, and the Conoco towers seem like they will be a nice collection of spec high rises.
  3. It will have eight or nine restaurants, according to the article, and that on top of the retail space for the Marriott. That seems like a lot of space to me.
  4. If they can pull it off and actually fill all that restaurant space, they will make the GRB much more appealing for out of town conventions.
  5. I'm with Subdude. It's not bad, but risks looking cheap instead of modern. It will all depend on the detailing and the quality of the execution.
  6. They make it look like this such a walkable area. This Fondren and Westheimer, there will never be that many pedestrians there.
  7. That is a massive building, much bigger than I thought.
  8. Does anyone know what Alliance is planning for the site? At $40M land cost, I can't imagine a 5 story wrap to be feasible.
  9. Yes, there are both labor and material shortages for RE construction projects. That's the downside of a boom.
  10. Actually, after looking at the video, rendering, drawing and maps, it looks like it is the science and health building.
  11. I'm confused. There are two different projects shown in the renderings and video. One is the performing arts center, the other is a center for science and health professions. Which is on the planning commission agenda?
  12. It will be built so that the foundation can support a future hotel above, but it's not part of the original plan.
  13. Great location for this product, and it looks good too. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/08/more-luxury-apartments-headed-for-washington-ave/
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