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  1. This doesn't make sense. If people don't want it, then it won't make money for the developer.
  2. If SXSW leaves Austin it would loose all the appeal it has left.
  3. BBVA tower is 10 floors parking + 12 floors of office, in prime uptown location.
  4. I agree with most of this, except I would say that three Randall Davis buildings in such close proximity are three too many.
  5. Metro national built a 13-story MF building sometime before the recession. I think it's called the fountains at memorial city.
  6. This discussion is absurd. There's a reason they're called cycles. History has proved they always happen, and to pretend this time is different just because we're at the top of the cycle is insane. We can debate whether it will be as sharp as previous ones or not, but the boom will stop, projects will get canceled, some buildings will sit mostly empty after completion, and some will even stop during construction. That's the nature of the beast.
  7. It's hard to see on the picture,but the railings look really cheap in person, very flimsy. The vertical supports don't even line up with joints in the panels...
  8. It's a risk, although small since most floors are probably alike, but this makes it easier to get partial certificates of occupancy and thus move in people early.
  9. I don't think anyone would plan their construction schedule based on what they happen to have next door....
  10. I keep reading in some of these posts that the incentives favor rentals vs condos. I don't think that's the case. I thought the incentives give a set amount ($15,000) per residential unit, regardless of ownership type. Can someone explain?
  11. The floor plans suck. There are several window-less bedrooms.
  12. Makes me think of the lawsuit between the Robinhood residents and the bar below.
  13. Exactly. 23% of units leased out before opening is actually a good thing. It takes about a year to stabilize a building like this.
  14. I was told that project is over budget due to construction costs going up. Sounded like design and/or scope might need to change.
  15. I don't think the International Tower was ever "alive" and Chevron is in a medically induced coma.
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