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  1. Might as well. Most residents care a lot more about the pool than they do about the architecture of the building.
  2. Agree. Architects often post plans of studies for projects that are not built.
  3. Definitely better than most RD projects, but the exterior does look cheap. I really like the interiors though.
  4. It's called clustering. Companies benefit by being located near other companies in the same industry.
  5. The project moving forward is not the one on the subject of the thread. Can this be split into two separate threads?
  6. It's streetside parking for the leasing center, so that potential renters don't have to park in the garage
  7. No, ZC designed that project for Randall Davis several years ago, when he controlled the site where the Hanover project now is.
  8. Not necessarily, because it also means projects are more profitable. It does take them much longer to start though.
  9. I'll tell you why. It's called low barriers of entry. It's very easy for anyone in Houston to get one of these projects off the ground, so you get a lot of B-class players. A market flooded with good and bad projects is more likely to have cancelled projects. Also, inexperienced developers are more likely to get into trouble before projects are completed. In a city like NY or DC, you have much higher barrier of entry. Between low land availability, high prices, zoning, architectural reviews, profers, unions,etc...only top experienced developers play the game, and it's less likely that projects get cancelled.
  10. Have you ever seen how many people cross Post Oak to get from the Galleria to Dillard's on any given weekend? From a business perspective, Dillard's is absolutely not out of place.
  11. El Tiempo cantina at 1308 Montrose to close to give way for new MF building: http://blog.chron.com/foodchronicles/2014/10/el-tiempo-1308-cantina-may-soon-close/
  12. It could be underground detention tank. They are common on tight lots where having a grassy hole is not feasible.
  13. I sure hope not. I think Pickard does much more elegant design than that.
  14. I read somewhere that the Energy Corridor wants to develop their portion of the bayou (Terry Hershey park) into a "waterfront park". Does anyone have any info on this?
  15. Exactly, that is what I meant, thank you! It's just bad detailing and it looks cheap. However, I do like the original design so far, but still a lot of important details remaining - hoping for the better.
  16. No one uses marble for building because it it s terrible material for building. It is soft and porous and doesn't keep its color over time. Several building around town that were clad with marble have had big issues (lyric center, Houston chronicle, the capital one building on Westheimer, and another building on Fannin come to mind)
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