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  1. I didn't see any without windows -- some had transom windows, is that what you mean?

    3 out of the 5 floor plans have a secondary bedroom on the interior of the building, without windows. You can get away with it as long as you provide natural ventilation and illumination - the latter of which is typically done with skinny transom windows over the kitchen or other living space. Either way, those rooms always suck.

  2. Huh?

    The new buildings are all pushed up against the street with retail on the sidewalk.

    Not to say that this looks perfect, but it does look relatively pedestrian-oriented, to the extent that is even possible in this context.

    The retail buildings are fronting a new street with what looks like a pitiful sidewalk, the open spaces look like suburban-type ponds instead of activity areas, and the center of the development has a new wide street..

    I know this is not the best "context" but the property fronts a park with lots of activity - and BTW the plan doesn't engage the park; but this is much better location than what City Center started out with (the intersection of two major freeways)

  3. Besides, adding lanes of traffic does nothing in the long term.

    I remember when I-10 was about to get expanded about ten years ago, the people opposing the project cited studies that showed that on average, roads go back to same level of congestion 7 years after expansion. Proponents of the project said that was nonsense, and a couple of years after the expansion they claimed victory bc I-10 was flowing so much better. Today, it's just as bad as it was 10 years ago.

    Never mind that 610 itself was just expanded a few years ago.


  4. One of mine. Viewed through the fence around the Catalyst lot. 11/22:


    That is good quality construction. Fein is one of the few developers using metal studs and fiberglass sheathing instead of wood studs and wood or paper sheathing. Hines did the same at the waterwall building.

    If I was an institutional investor, these are the buildings I would want to buy.

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  5. But why is ZC suddenly adding it to their website and also stating it will be done in two phases? Seems strange.

    They have had it as part of their marketing material for a long time, maybe they added recently to the new website design.

    Architects advertise their designs all the time, regardless of actual construction status. They should though update the copy and say the project was planned in two phases.

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