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  1. The way I read the rule, it doesn't necessarily say that if a project is cancelled the incentives can't be reassigned (at least from what I read on a memo posted on another thread).

    The memo said that once the incentive program is closed - either because the cap is reached or the timeframe expires in 2016 - then the incentives can't be reassigned to other projects. Theoretically, I understand, if a project is cancelled now, the incentives are up for grabs. The real issue is that a project rarely ever gets cancelled, rather it is delayed indefinitely.

  2. Yes, I agree taller buildings have stronger bones and take longer to build. That does not mean all office towers take longer to build than residential. The added time caused by the higher live loads is offset by the added amount in interior build out.

    Another obvious point to consider is floor plates. These days, a 25,000 sf plate is typical for office, whereas residential can get away with smaller floor plates.

    My point was that a blanket statement about use is not possible, there are too many variables.

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  3. There's no reason a residential tower, which has every unit fully finished out, should be faster to build than an office tower which is often delivered as shell space. Take a look at 2929 Wesayan and Sovereign as extreme examples. Skyhouses are an exemption, their developers have figured out a way to crank out McTowers very quickly. While they may not win Architectural awards, they are great for business given their speed to market - and I would bet most potential residents don't mind the exterior look at all.

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