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  1. They do look nice, but they look too commercial. Isn't the tall one supposed to be apartments? I bet these are just massing representations and the towers themselves (at least the residential one) will not look anything like it. Is Wulfe developing all of it or is he only doing the retail and partnering with other developers who do have office / residential experience to do those portions? There has been talk on this forum that Hanover will be doing the residential component. That would make it even more likely that the towers will look very different from what's shown on the renderings. I don't think it's a coincidence that the renderings show a lot more detail on the retail components than on the towers. As for the parking lot on Post Oak, Wulfe knows from his experience that retailers in Houston will not sign a lease if they don't have parking in front of their storefronts. It's a business decision that has nothing to do with the urban character of Post Oak.
  2. The interior artwork and furnishings always had a separate budget. Bishop Fiorenza was always very careful in all his statements to make it clear that the costs were for the building only, not including furniture, stained glass, sacred objects or artwork. Therefore, I would not consider the Italian chandeliers an "upgrade". As far as I know, the interior walls are all plaster now. I believe the original design was for stone walls, but was revised when the basement was deleted to save money. The idea was that in the future, when more money might be available, the walls could be upgraded to stone.
  3. It's a wonderful space, I've been there. The picture above is NOT from that space. See a picture here: http://www.pbs.org/art21/slideshow/?slide=...mp;artindex=152
  4. fernz

    Discovery Tower

    Not to drag on this issue, but have your architect buddy look into Chapter 26 (my mistake, it's not Chapter 42) of the code of ordinances. You can even check it yourself, it's online at http://www.houstontx.gov/codes/index.html Section 26-3 (d) states that "...the central business district has in place an adequate level of parking and loading facilities and it is hereby exempted from the requirements of this chapter." (you can look at the beginning of the chapter for the definition of the CBD) How do you think a building with huge parking requirements such as the new Catholic Cathedral was permitted with ZERO parking spaces provided?
  5. fernz

    Discovery Tower

    There is an exception on Chapter 42 (Houston development ordinance) that allows construction in Downtown with NO PARKING at all. But TC would be crazy to build a Class A office tower with no parking.
  6. Park Shops used to have household name stores, and they left because the demand isn't there!
  7. The architect's success in South Florida and Vegas doesn't mean much. If you can show me a similar list of the developer's track record in the Houston market, then I'll think there is a possibility. I have worked in three different architecture firms in the last ten years, and all three have an extensive list of "projects" as part of their marketing material that are a collection of real projects and a range of feasibility studies, competition entries, or mere marketing for owners looking to sell their land. Besides, looking at all the potential towers planned for DT, all are for office space because that is where the demand is. With the Finger tower going up and the HP residential scrapped, I would bet that the numbers are not there to support additional apartments or condos in DT, espacially for a luxury 50-story tower.
  8. Just like everyone else I hope this one is for real, but something tells me it's not. Architects typically will not publish their designs without owner's approval, and that happens once the project has been anounced or canceled. As secretive as the potential developers for the next DT towers have been - especially Hines - I doubt they would let the rendering to be made public. Did anyone notice how most projects on that site are renderings? Architects love to post renderings of projects that never made it past schematic design because they are still their original design, before the owner and marketing gurus mess it up.
  9. Anyone interested in a preview? Private Preview & Wine Tasting April 17 5:30p - 8:30p 2401 1/2 Bolsover - Rice Village RSVP: 713.528.9600 or RSVP@RANDALLDAVIS.COM
  10. Trust me, the Catholic Church does not expect people to join because of their architectural likes or dislikes. It goes a bit deeper than that. And Cathedrals are not built as tools for mass converations.
  11. Amen. Amen And for those who think the church wants mediocre buildings, please see the official guidelines from the US Conference of Bishops: http://www.usccb.org/liturgy/livingstones.shtml#chapteroneb Churches, therefore, must be places "suited to sacred celebrations," "dignified," and beautiful. Their suitability for worship is determined by their ability through the architectural design of space and the application of artistic gifts to embody God's initiative and the community's faithful response. Church buildings and the religious artworks that beautify them are forms of worship themselves and both inspire and reflect the prayer of the community as well as the inner life of grace. The church building is a sign and reminder of the immanence and transcendence of God
  12. fernz

    Discovery Tower

    The key word here is "spec" office building. If you are developing a tower that is pre-leased to a bank or giant energy corporation you can make a statement, as long as your tenant goes along with it. But if you don't know who your main tenant will be, you need a "safe" design, something that is not too trendy or flashy, which unfortunately means boring.
  13. Is this another project that died before breaking ground? There have been so many of those...
  14. I completely agree with you. But the design of the tower itself is so uninspiring...
  15. What a disapointing design! Why can't Houston get something interesting like the project recently announced in Atlanta? see attached...
  16. Does anybody have any recent pictures, or can update us on the progress of this building?
  17. I hate to disapoint you, but they have stores in urban locations such as upont Circle in DC, and they do not sell CDs. Joe Muggs does have good coffee though.
  18. I bet mrfootball has some info. He seems to be in charge of PR for Vintage Park.
  19. ricco, did you get a chance to see who the architect is?
  20. It looks great! Thank you Highway6! If anyone has more pics, please share...
  21. I guess it could always happen. It sure sounds more official, the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart makes it sound like it's not quite a Cathedral....just a "Co-Cathedral". Anyway, can anyone take a picture of the construction for those of us not living in Houston? The Archdiocese web site seems to be updated very infrequently these days. Thanks!
  22. Yeah, right! The only reason this group is hard to please is b/c everyone believes anonymous posts that don't disclose their source. No one bothered to challenge the athenticity of this list... Books a million is a good tenant, but really HP is not much better than what you get between Bayou Place and the Houston Center...
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