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  1. This tower is turning out to be one of those rare cases where the building looks better than the rendering!
  2. I would imagine that the deal with McDonalds also included some air rights or height restriction easements. Otherwise, you risk having a tower 10ft away from your expensive condo windows. If I was going to purchase a unit there, I would make sure some agreement of the sort is in place.
  3. Just looked at the pictures of the model. There is a small setback. On top of that, the widows could be recessed to allow for the openings to be further back from the property line. You can get away with small setbacks as long as you limit the percentage of non-rated openings. But you cannot have any openings at all on the property line (unless they are 2hr rated, which makes them both ugly and expensive). This is from the building codes, and the city would never give exemptions to this since it's a safety issue.
  4. You are allowed to build up to the property line, no setbacks required, as long as you have a 2hr fire rated wall- which means no windows. If you want windows you need a setback. My guess is the parking garage will be a block wall along the parking lot, and then the building will set back to allow for windows for the condos.
  5. Right, because they haven't given back to the city yet...
  6. A little bit of both. But I think mostly there wasn't much demand at the time.
  7. I worked with a developer back in 2000 who was looking at converting those buildings into condos. It just wasn't viable back then. The buildings don't seem like much, but the interior spaces have lots of potential for cool redevelopment. Glad to see more residential coming to this part of DT though.
  8. Well, this is Houston after all. So the only opinion that counts is that of the property owners' who need to make a return on their investment. In order to do that, they need to upscale, and bring in national chains who can afford higher rents. Some of us will miss the charm and stop going there, but a larger number of people will like the convenience and patronize the Restoration Haresres, Sprinkles and Apple stores.
  9. I had heard Hanover was considering building the tower they had designed prior to the recession. I haven't heard however if they decided to move forward with it or not.
  10. They will probably move into one of the lower floors of the marriott building. It's common to build temporary offices once the structure comes out of the ground.
  11. Weren't these the guys calling their development "pro-urban vs proforma"? Yeah, right!
  12. According to the article in the chronicle (consider the source), the developers are asking the city for changes in land-use restrictions. Considering there are generally no land-use restrictions in Houston, I would say this is a highly unusual case.
  13. Not crazy about the design, but I don't think the previous one was that great either.
  14. I'm surprised at all the apartments that are going on I-10. Are there really that many people who want the Katy freeway to be the view from their living rooms and bedrooms?
  15. Maybe they should name the Ford Theater.
  16. Well said HTown! I lived in DC for a few years, in a very up and coming neighborhood, with Whole Foods down the street and a bunch of high end condos all around. On my 3/4 block walk to whole foods, I had to walk past a church with a homeless encampment on its front stairs, and a hardware store that served as day-laborers pickup location. And guess what, the neighborhood was all the better for it, quite lively and diverse. My wife walked that block with our infant baby every day without ever feeling threatened. Let's stop pretending that the homeless are such a nuisance and undeserving of living amongst us.
  17. Nothing is being built there soon though. There is a coming soon sign for Persian rug store on the old Ninfa's building, I'll try to take a picture.
  18. yes, they probably couldn't pay off the neighbors to use their air rights
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