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  1. Hilton Americas renovation in lieu of Super Bowl? That would be a raw deal.
  2. fernz

    Lower Heights District

    City Center is in a similar island, yet they made walkable design work.
  3. If you don't count the Galleria
  4. fernz

    Any updates on 800 Bell?

    My mistake, I thought there was 1M square feet. I did read the part about expenses on your post, but that ddoes not cover debt service (huge cost), RE taxes or maintenance.
  5. fernz

    Any updates on 800 Bell?

    You are missing something. First of all, capping $30M at 6% gives $500M, not $600M. But more importantly, you should be capping net operating income, not gross income. To those $30M you need to deduct debt service, real estate taxes, maintenance, and expenses ( which will vary greatly depending on the type of lease)
  6. fernz

    Any updates on 800 Bell?

    It will end up just like hardy yards
  7. fernz

    Any updates on 800 Bell?

    If they bought for 50M, then that's when they got lucky!
  8. fernz

    San Felipe Tower: 33-Stories, Residential

    That will benefit the refining side of the business (and I guess all downstream overall), but that is not much help. That side of the business is booming right now with low oil and gas prices, but for whatever reason you don't see it impacting the city's economy...
  9. fernz

    San Felipe Tower: 33-Stories, Residential

    Skanska is another developer in town doing the same. There are benefits to this strategy, obviously, but most developers would still prefer to borrow money, even they had the cash, so they can leverage the borrower's money and make higher returns.
  10. fernz

    San Felipe Tower: 33-Stories, Residential

    Of course they do, and it's even more difficult because they require "pre-sales"
  11. fernz

    San Felipe Tower: 33-Stories, Residential

    "Meanwhile, Hanover is setting its sights on other major markets nationally, like Boston and California. The company has four new apartments breaking ground in Atlanta this year. "We've got plenty of other projects we're working on," Bowden said." http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2015/01/27/amid-plunging-oil-prices-luxury-apartment.html?page=all
  12. Rottet Studios is designing the interiors?! Did you all miss that?? So, this WILL be a very high-end hotel indeed. Midway is putting its money where it matters (at least to the hotel customers, if not to haif posters). You can bet top dollar that this will be one of Houston's best hotels, no sexy exterior needed.