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  1. That should be a nice addition to that area...I'm just sick of underutilized surface lots.
  2. Hello, I am about to host a party for 30-40 people. I was wondering if anyone knew of a cheap place that would cater Fajitas and all the extras? Thank you!
  3. There are some beautiful parts of Cali, along the coast is pretty nice...but the people are very different from here though...I wouldn't trade my lifestyle I have in Houston for one in L.A. I live in a palace compared to the equivalent shack i could get for the money. Cali is home to 50 year mortgages and Nancy Pelosi.
  4. Nice logic, Rog- "I won 7 Cy Youngs, I couldn't possibly have taken steroids" William Roger Clemens v. Brian McNamee 1/7/2008 2008-00703 Defamation of character action in which the plaintiff's former trainer, defendant McNamee, falsely claimed the plaintiff "used, possessed, or was injected with steroids and/or HGH in 1998, 2000 and 2001," The defendant made the allegations, published on Dec. 13, 2007 by former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, to federal authorities after being threatened with criminal prosecution if he did not implicate Clemens. Over the course of his more than 20 year pitching career in major league baseball Clemens received the Cy Young award seven times
  5. Hello HAIF forumers, I would like to get your feedback on a new product I have patented. It was designed and developed in Houston. Please click on the link below and take the survey. Im trying to get good feedback before we decide to mass-produce this product. Thank you for your time and honest opinions. Please forward this to others. http://www.renderedperceptions.com/insights.html
  6. Does anybody have a clue as to what that building is with the Miller light billboard on it? It is about a 5 story building on the east side of I-45, just north of the Aquarium downtown. It has nice stonework on the sides and has large green-blue windows facing the south. There is a rusty metal star on the side. When you drive by it, you can see what looks like aluminum studs inside, like someone is refurbishing it.
  7. Hey dude, If you read my post correctly I was basically saying that downtown is a Monday - Friday place for daytime activities in most cases. Hardly anyone lives downtown, and most street-level shops are underground. The tunnels beneath were originally built to connect businesses, protecting pedestrians from the miserable heat during the summer. So, my solution to the weekend desertation is a "chicken or the egg" theory... Do you build more residential buildings? Or do you build more street level shops? My recommendation is to build more affordable housing downtown. This would increase the potential foot traffic for street level commerce. The red line should have been built under the streets. It was slapped together for the Super Bowl, and now Main Street is one of the most avoided streets in Houston for drivers.
  8. back to the chicken and egg cliche... You need attractions/street shops for people to fill the streets of downtown, but it would help if people lived downtown too. The downtown tunnel system kills the business opportunities above ground, and are not open during the weekend. I guess you could blame the heat.
  9. We played tough and never let up...McNamara went without a FG. First time in his career, and a tough way to leave his collegiate basketball career.
  10. I will be moving to 77007. I have been comparing providers on www.powertochoose.com but would like to hear recommendations. I currently have Reliant Energy, and it seems to be one of the most expensive in town. I hear that Entergy is good.
  11. TJones...right on man, thanks for convincing me to come clean with the pictures. I'm a little embarrassed to show my fiance's face to everyone, hence her hand is covering most of it in the black and white version above....so I coaxed her with a little Boones Farm and she let me post her glamour shot.... haha... Regardless, thanks for your appreciation of my "trophy" fiance and all your best wishes. If she does take my car, house and dog...I'll be on North Shepherd looking for work with a few day-labor business associates, wearing my Thundercats T-shirt.
  12. The guy has some nerve to write smack about Houston 3 days after he had a book signing at Borders. He's starved for attention...trying to get his name out there, just like a journalist in the heat of battle, etc. It comes with his job, he wants to make a little more coin...I don't blame him for trying, although I can still dislike his ignorant conclusions. His tactics are cheap, desperate and inconsistent. At this point, I'd love to see an Astros/Red Sox series next year. I will be on Main with my plastic cup full of victory beer, and he will surely find his way back to Houston writing about how he bumped shoulders with Tara Reid at the Icon. What a great Simmons story that would be.
  13. I've returned with good news.... ....she said yes. It was our first time to Paris, and France in general. I was expecting rude people, bad food and long lines for the Eiffel Tower. I was ultimately surprised with the excellent food, friendly people and no lines for the Eiffel Tower (at least when we went on a Saturday night). We stayed in the Marais District and were pleased with our hotel location (even though the room is smaller than my kitchen). We ate steak and frites there, and loved it. The wine was great of course, and surprisingly cheap. I proposed in the park east of the Eiffel at around 8 pm with the tower fully sparkled... my babe at a fountain near the Louvre Champs Elysees Notre Dame Moulin Rouge Jim Morrison's grave Sacre Coeur This photo was taken about two minutes before I proposed.
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