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  1. Dying to know what happened because it's so hush hush. Usually, they just post that the staff member moved on to another assignment or had a career change.
  2. It appears the building is being renovated, despite the rumors of its coming demolition. Any one know what's going on with it?
  3. I think part of the reason is that they, the bus drivers, are trying to maneuver over the cracked and potholed outer lanes on lower Westheimer. They also tend to drive a little too fast for that stretch of road. Once Westheimer goes to two lanes and the road is repaired (and instruct the drivers to slow down at curves), things will improve vastly!
  4. I found this article in the Chronicle: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-traffic/article/City-of-Houston-video-lets-locals-virtually-drive-11138748.php#photo-12520158
  5. No one said it is the best solution, whatever that might be. However, it's a solution available after study and compromise between opposing demands, but it still needs input from citizens to determine what improvements should be made.
  6. dguet


    Most of the foliage appear to have survived. The owner has already replaced the roof and seems to be aggressively putting the place back together. I fantasize that they will make some deal with the antique shop ower and expand their pation, but i am dreaming.
  7. He's a very nice guy, but strange. He participates in Wiccan/Pagan religions and is often seen with them at the Gay Pride parade. i believe his lover died of AIDS about 15 years ago because they were in the room next to my partner. He's a small spark of the "old Montrose."
  8. The Montrose Cafe on lower Westheimer is no more. I have been unable to find out what happened as the place was always popular (loved their mussels and Belgian Ales!). They just renovated the place for Christ's sake! Any news appreciated. Also, its appears the site is being cleaned up; a new tenant, perhaps?
  9. Yes it can always be better, but I am pleased with the building. The site is attractive and made an effort to not disturb or damage the large oak tree. Pedestrian rightaway not signficicanly impacted. I was VERY afraid it would be more god-awful townhomes and that the tree would be damaged. I do, by the way, live right around the corner.
  10. You beat me to the punch. I too was interested in what anyone might know about the variance request. Please let me know if you find anything out; I live just a few blocks away. PS Didn't notice that any other properties were involved.
  11. I agree that Reef is a great option, or you could do Vic and Anthony's. For cocktails, the lounge at the Magnolia Hotel has jazz (free on weekdays Mon-Thurs) and cover on weekends. Might consider the more "casual" Cabo's since you can down the Margarita's.
  12. Someone needs to record this or write a book. So much history! I also remember (not GAY, but neat) restaurant called "Harry's", the Happy Buddha, the Galleon, and Rascals.
  13. Ah, yes! The bar was called the Drum! Does anyone remember a place called September's? Its now a carpet/flooring shop at Dunlavy and Westhiemer. The owner plans to reopen it as a Cafe.
  14. I read somewhere that the original city grid was oriented to take advantage of the seabreeze. Homes on the grid had their front and back doors and windows oriented with the grid to maximize cooling by the breeze. As the city grid expanded it drifted away from this basic design. The grid was probably also influenced by the orientation of the bayou.
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