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  1. I seem to remember a realtor who kept plans for lots of houses and models. Don't remember her name, offhand, but I'll bet there are a few obsessive/compulsive realtors who collect these things as houses come out, so that they are equipped with the floor plans when they sell the houses years down the road. Maybe start calling the local realtors? Who knows, I might even have one in my piles, somewhere, because we offered on a Treehouse once (just off Gosling in that Hidden Lakes area, on Misty Morning). If I find it one of these days, (I'm in a major declutter mode this year), I'd be happy to send you a copy, but I'd try realtors first.
  2. Do you mean the 2D drawings that they hand out? I have the original drawings, elevations, etc of structure, electrical, carpentry, etc. from when Life Forms built our Laurel in 1994ish, on Greywing Circle in Alden Trace. It sits opposite a little culdesac near Midnight Moon.
  3. We held onto the plans for our Laurel, because I'd never been in a home that gave me that feeling before, either! I wonder if anyone else in those neighborhoods did the same, and for a small fee would be willing to part with it, or with a copy of it...... it might be worth a little door-knocking. Given the price of plans these days, it might even be worth a few title searches and long-distance phone calls.
  4. You may have gotten the answer already, but if you haven't, you might try Jack's Cool Air, since they installed the AC in our 1994-built Laurel in Alden Trace. I wasn't totally thrilled with their service, I much prefer Phil Stojanik as an AC guy and home inspection guy for integrity and service, but Jack's was the name on my thermostat. I absolutely adored that house (tho we upsized to Altwood). I never felt "cold" even in the winter. The soaring LR-DR area always felt cozy and comfortable and full of light. Since we deliberately avoided stucco, we avoided mold problems entirely.
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