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  1. SL is not an SLK, they are two totally different animals. as for my choice, still my fave
  2. wait, so its open already? how could i have missed it!? I just walked by there today on the way to fullbright and didnt notice it.
  3. When i get in my car i plug my ipod in via the dock connector and it charges while i browse my playlists using the stock bose headunit controls. How you ask? With this! USASpec PA11-NIS Its the greatest thing to happen to car audio (for me anyway). You get digital output, which sounds better than RCA output, and it charges AND its hidden from view while you use your existing head unit controls to browse your playlists. you can also switch it to browse all the songs in your ipod if you so desire. i installed it in about 15 minutes with just a screwdriver. you do have to pull out your head unit to plug it into your cd changer auxiliary port, but it was not hard. i should mention i own an infiniti g20 2001, but i believe it works in most nissan stock bose headunits. there is a honda one available as well. i will keep this car forever.... ** oops forgot to mention this: if your ipod is over a year old, and you've noticed its a bit sluggish, wipe it, and reload all your songs/playlists again at once. good as new! do this every year or so, especially of you use it as an external HDD. Do NOT try defragging it using your windows utilities, not recommended.
  4. I bought a TERK amplified hdtv indoor antenna from a radio shack going out of business for 22 bucks. It is amplified, but a bit bulky. i keep it on a window sill and get pretty much all the local HD channels save for a few spanish ones (boo hoo). Its worked out well for me, and the price was right. Also, it pairs up great with my media center PC, in case you were thinking of going that route in the future. Official Site Here it is at RadioShack for 39 bucks **oops, forgot to mention i CANNOT pick up magnum PI reruns on digtial channel 51 no matter what, so, if that you want to see magnum PI, this antenna is not for you... thank you
  5. Ahhh pecan grove, i grew up there as well, live in warehouse district now. Will never go back to the suburbs, never!
  6. Blue Mountain bike, used twice. includes manual. Purchased it for 15 dollars at toys R us (fatwallet deal), but I am completely unsatisfied with it. For some reason, when you turn the pedals hit the tire. Poor design i guess. Anyway, i need a better quality bike to ride to work, so if you need a crappy bike just to ride around then please take it. I need the garage space. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  7. I noticed the tracks started getting pulled that hit mckinney @ palmer a few weeks back, and it looks like there is a small road being poured in now that appears to go all the way to 45. Anyone know what this is about? I would ride my bike down it to see where it goes, but the tires are flat. Thanks!
  8. This new nano looks like a giant chiclet. i like chiclets.
  9. My wife and i starting body for life a month ago and already our clothes are fitting loser and we feel better and lighter than ever. www.bodyforlife.com we dont buy any of the supplements, just pretty much adjusted our schedule as follows. M - Sat - eat 6 small meals a day (plenty of fruit and home cooked food) , exercise 20 minutes a day. Weight train three days, cardio 2 days. Sunday - free for all, anything goes. although you'll find that your stomach actually shrinks after a few weeks and you cant pig out quite like you could before... its hard at first to eat that many times, but once you get in the groove, you get used to it..
  10. Has anyone been to Butterfly high on a weekend? its on capitol btwn main and milam. Thinking of celebrating sisters birthday there, but dont know anyone who's been there. Found one review online and it was horribe, but seemed fake. http://houston.citysearch.com/review/45084975 any info is appreciated!
  11. sent it to all my coworkers, one of them is pretty new to the US, hilarity ensued.
  12. http://www.google.com/tisp/ just signed up, cant wait to cancel my dsl!
  13. they came too late, and they are all asian. the bouncer gave them the 'private party' line
  14. FOOD FOOD FOOD. There are some asian restaurants, for example, that i would love to burn to the ground, were it not for the delicious signature dishes. The service sucks, the place is dirty, but damn, the food is sooo good.... great now i am hungry
  15. My family grew up there and my sister ended up buying a house there as well. My parents live in the original section, about half a mile from the country club. From what i remember there were different levels of club membership depending on what amenities you wanted to use. pool, restaurant, tennis and golf. There is alot of new retail space that recently became available and the number of decent restaurants has grown quite a bit. The neighborhood randalls is currently being renovated (finally) and should be pretty nice once its finished. The neighborhood has quietly exploded over the past 10 years, sadly there are a ton of cheaper neighborhoods being built on the roads leading into pecan grove so the traffic will be out of control soon, but that was bound to happen. If you have or plan to have kids, the local elem school is pecan grove elementary (if you move into an FBISD zone) and its great. my two kid sisters went there, and now my nephew attends. Great school with great programs for the kids. Overall though its a great neighborhood with a pretty good HOA, had some good times there growing up. My parents keep nagging me to leave downtown and return to pecan grove, they even offered to buy us a lot! hope that helps
  16. I went twice last month for the first time in over a year, will never go back. The crowd is rough, and there were fights both times. It's a younger, rougher crowd. The only reason i went was to say hi to some friends that were there b/c they could not get into Vintage. Now Vintage, that's a nice bar. Never crowded, decent mix of music and good crowd.
  17. The food isnt bad, ive tasted worse. I enjoy watching the videos. We usually eat there before concerts at Verizon, or sometimes when friends visit. It's always dead when i go though, wonder when it gets packed. Maybe lunch?
  18. Thursday night there was a helicopter flying low along mckinney directly behind my house. I looked outside and saw a patrol car going down to sampson and turning back looking for something/someone. Down the street @ ennis there were two patrol cars and a police officer looking for something along the tracks. No idea what that was about, but since it was just a week from the shooting, my wife was a little worried. My buddy that lives in a INtown home on palmer @ leeland says there is a 'crackdown' of some sort going on in this part of town. That being said, i still feel just as safe as i did a month ago, only now i am more aware of my surroundings. This is a great area, and like people have mentioned it has great potential. My advice, get a house in a gated community. Atleast your car will be safe from robbery/vandalism. Having moved here from pecan grove (fort bend county) it has been a HUGE adjustment. But i'm happy here and the proximity to work/freeways is just great.
  19. Try to get a job where they will help pay for school. I worked at wamu during college and they paid for certain courses as long as they related to your job.
  20. Back in the nineties it tried to sell a bunch of BMG stuff to soundwaves, the were not interested. Perhaps because then people would sign up, get the first 12 free cd's, and go straight to places like that to sell them for profit. Who knows.
  21. Downtown ped traffic usually is from 6-9 (get to work) , 11-2ish (lunch) , then 3-6 (go home).
  22. No, she is 28, but very petite and always finds her size there. She enjoys buying disposable 'going out' clothes and casual 'around the house' clothes there. Alot of good looking women in their 20's shop there, but your right, alot of teenage girls too. I for one am not complaining about the announced tennants, I'll just be happy there will be somewhere else to go besides Macy's or Park shops to kill time during a slow day at work.
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