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  1. So what exactly are the property tax rates for the two communities of Silverlake versus SCR. Is it really 4% of your home's appreciation value for SCR -- that seems very high.
  2. Thanks for the help. We're looking at the 350,000-500,000 price range, so both areas have potential homes in that range that are on the market. We have drove around silverlake and toured a few houses on our last visit, but didn't get to see Shadow Creek ranch. Most of the info I've gathered has been through HAR and google earth, looking at the houses listed for sale and their location.
  3. It looks like I will be moving to the Houston area from Boston come summer 2007, and will be working at the medical center. We've been looking primarily at Pearland, and in particular, the Silverlake/silvercreek and Shadow Creek Ranch areas. I have a 7 year old, so schools are important. I was wondering what locals viewed as the major differences between the two areas. It looks like silverlake has the edge in schools, as the kids all go to local pearland schools, not Alvin or Manvil like SCR. It also looks like Silverlake is a more mature neighboorhood, with SCR still developing. Are there other things we should consider that are important -- what are the tax rates of the two areas in terms of property taxes. Also, what is the average HOA fees for the two areas? Finally, I see MUD disclosure alot with looking at the HAR housing site. Can someone explain this in detail. I appreciate any help local residents can offer. Thanks.
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