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  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good moving company? We need a major one, like Mayflower or United to move us from one 2700 sq foot home to another. We have a full attic and garage, too. We are moving from Houston to Spring. We are doing the packing ourselves. Thanks!
  2. Hey, you guys..we are moving from Houston to the Woodlands. We LOVE the Lifeforms homes, too. The only problem is..most of them were built around the Grogans/Panther Creek/Cochrans Crossing that is zoned to a different elem/intermediate school than we'd like them to be. We'd love to be closer in like Grogan's or Panthers where so many of the great Lifeforms homes are. If any one out there can relate..I have a question for you about some of the private schools up there. Does anyone know about the Esprit International school in the Woodlands? It's a Montessori School that has applied/received
  3. Here's a thought..are there telephone poles near where the blades were found? Maybe someone working on a telephone line..or cable above your house had them and accidentally dropped them.
  4. Does anyone know what will happen to the little Devonshire neighborhood? That's the small(three streets) neighborhood between Cambridge and Staffordshire, behind where the proposed Cambridge Tower on Woodbury will go and in front of the propsed Baylor Hospital..
  5. Any idea what Patt got for that property? You'd think developers would be buying up land quickly in that neighborhood.
  6. Does anyone remember that hamburger joint next to Westbury Square? It had a carousel in the middle of the restaurant.. It went really slow, and the animals on the carousel all had trays on them, so kids could sit on the animals and eat their hamburgers..this would have been around 1968..
  7. Thanks, Katie..but we're looking for something a little closer in to the Woodlands than Sterling Ridge, so the commute will not be bad. But my realtor might know someone else...
  8. Hi KatieDidIt- We are looking for a house in the Woodlands in the next(I hope) month or two.. I am glad you are private..we are, too. our realtor is Kayelyn Wright with Coldwell banker. I will tell her you have a house for sale, and that you might be contacting her. Give her the information on your house, and she can forward it to us. Thanks, and best of luck to you..
  9. Hey, you guys are freaking me out a little bit. We live in Houston, and we are seriously considering moving to the Woodlands. We know several families who have moved out there/been there for at least five years and they love it and plan on staying out there. We are moving hoping to find a safer place/better schools for our family. I'd like to know..what villages are y'all talking about where you have these loonies walking around and knocking on your doors? Are you in the back of the Woodlands(like Alden Bridge areas?) Thank a lot for your input-
  10. Me, too. I have googled them, to see if anybody has posted any of their recipes, but no luck.
  11. Does anybody know what will happen to the land that U of H owns on the corner of Braeswood and Wyndale? It's all fenced off now with "University of Houston" property signs. It is right across the street and down a bit from the Parkwood Apartment site where Baylor is building their new facility(ies) soon..
  12. Does anybody remember the hamburger joint called "Hamburgers by Gourmet"? They had one on Kirby, I think around the place where Castle Dental/Shipleys Donuts are(on Kirby close to Sunset.) The Hamburgers by Gourmet there later became a fish and chips place. There was a Hamburgers by Gourmet on Alabama, that actually stayed in business I think until the late 80's early 90's. It's still a hamburger place. you can't miss it. It's in a little building shaped like a barrel. I'd REALLY LOVE to get the Hamburgers by Gourmet recipe for their hamburgers with the hickory smoked sauce. I tried e-mailing
  13. Thanks for this. Any news on when they will start building the hospital? I know they are still demolishing the apartmetns right now..
  14. I grew up in the Southgate area. I remember the Shamrock Theater very well. I saw the Halloween movies there, Amityville Horror, and I think the last movie I saw there was Urban Cowboy in 1980(?) I also remember going swimming at the Shamrock Hilton Hotel, and they had a bar there next to the hotel called Trader Vics. Does anyone remember that? How about the Ruby Reds hamburger joint that was close to the corner of Main and Greenbriar? They had great hamburgers. I remember thinking how cool it was when I was a kid, because you could throw peanut shells on the floor. And now the Stables is go
  15. Mid January? That's interesting. Let me know if you hear anything!
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