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  1. Wow, I really expected more from you. I would ask you to take the article, and reverse all roles. A Black student is the valedictorian at a white college, the faculty and student comments were made by white people. Tell me, if that had been the case, this article wouldn't have been met with a Million-Al-March. There was so much latent hostility toward him in the comments from the students and the faculty. "a Morehouse man in every way--except ethnicity". That is disgusting. The comments by the other students saying that they didn't want him there and that they would have to work harder now were disgusting. And why shouldn't white people get pissy if a racist comment is spit at them? If a joke is made about blacks by a white man, Al Sharpton raises an army. I really do not understand this double standard. I could give to squirts about a racist comment made to me. If someone doesn't like me, that is their business. If they don't like me because of my skin color, I have no desire to even know them. This article though, SHOULD have been about how the class of 2008 proved that skin color means nothing and that society has progressed so much that it is about the content of a man's character and not the color of his skin. Instead, it showed the exact opposite. Dr. King would have been appauled. I would contend that stereotypes, as a whole, exist for a reason. It doesn't mean that ALL members of a group are accurately portrayed by the stereotype, but certainly a large percentage. It is politically incorrect to think this, but political correctness is for those who choose to stick their head in the sand. I prefer to be realistic, and I can do so without being racist, sexist, or any other type of *******.
  2. Morehouse U, a predominantly black university with the stated mission of producing well educated black men who are capable of being leaders is turning out its first white valedictorian. The article ( here ) has some rather offensive, though thinly veiled, remarks in it from students and faculty. For example, one student saying that he didn't like the fact that this kid was white and wished he had gone somewhere else. Even worse was this comment from the Dean of Admissions "When he marches across the stage on May 18 and receives his diploma, he's going to be a Morehouse Man in every way -- except ethnicity." Really?
  3. Wow. It is a saying, not a literal term. If the people decide to make it law, then it should stand.
  4. Comments like this annoy the crap out of me. It is another example of the double standards. Breeders is, by the context it is generally used, a deragotory term (it isn't inherently deragotory, just like every other word), but in this context, that is its intent. Double standards just annoy me. That said, it isn't just far right that has a problem with gay marriage. I think the argument made by most that it affects the sanctity of marriage is idiotic, but that doesn't change the fact that it isn't even close to being a right wing thing. There should be no laws regarding marriage at all (regulating who can and cannot enter in to marriage). To the person who said they don't like activist judges but support this, that is a huge problem. It is not a judges job, regardless of whether or not you agree with them, to make/change law. We should be VERY, VERY scared of judges who take it upon themselves to legislate from the bench and usurp the power of the legislative branches and the will of the people. Since this happens to be a consitutional matter (not the rights of one group vs the other, but that marriage itself should not be defined by law), the judge was within their right. However, it has been an alarmingly popular trend of late for judges to legislate from the bench based on political agendas/views and not the constitution.
  5. I've never been a fan of using a buyers agent. I've had better luck on my own because there isn't a middle man. There also isn't someone involved who is going to steer me in the wrong direction because they want to make sure they get their commission rather than do what is best for me and risk it.
  6. Good movie, loved it...but... YOU USED THE APOSTROPHE WRONG! What do the missiles own? NOTHING! One of my pet peeves, sorry.
  7. In general, these types of emails carry some truth and some hot air. It is good practice to NOT forward them on unless you are certain of the validity. This message, however, seems like common sense anyway. Don't drink and drive and you won't have to worry.
  8. I don't think there should be a law either way. It isn't for the government to decide. If there IS to be a law, it should be decided upon by the people, not politicians.
  9. I actually really like that house...which is odd to me.
  10. Mmmm. Race card? So sad that people feel the need to use that.
  11. I think my mom taught there then. I'll have to ask her. I know she taught there for a couple years. I went to Law Enforcement for 9 and 10, then Sharpstown for 11 and 12.
  12. It is worth getting the unit hardwired in the right way. Most newer radios have an aux input anyway.
  13. Longest day ever, and I am still up and working. Having multiple companies is just a WEEEEE bit taxing. Work like a slave when I'm young so I can live like a King later.
  14. I've used Ryan Steel Services on several of my new construction projects and he does excellent work. Here is his number: Robert Ryan 281-353-8844 (Office) He is probably one of the best in town and I have never, ever been disappointed by him. In fact, he has fixed things that OTHER fabbers have screwed up (see structural steel post that was holding up three floors above it!). Couldn't possibly recommend him any higher. If you want to tell him who referred you, just send me a PM.
  15. I can speak from experience, the folks at Nazar's on Westheimer & Fountainview are great folks. Ask for Narreg. He will take care of you.
  16. The SexyATTACK one was entertaining, tho not as entertaining as the original. I just DLed the video. Mine too.
  17. I am really thinking about this as my next car. (S63) I love cars in black, and this car looks wicked in black, but white would just be hot. If I can afford a bit more, I'll go for this one instead. (S65) Fundamentally the same car, save for a few rather important differences. Four extra cylinders, two turbos, and an extra 100+HP and a couple hundred extra foot pounds of torque.
  18. A major problem with the Woodlands is it is difficult to get good offers on a resale when there is so much new construction going up around you. I've built ~12 homes in the Woodlands (different segment of the market, but the concept is the same). Why would one settle for someones second hand when they can get something brand new?
  19. You guys have crap taste in DD music: Best DD song, Ordinary World. It's use in LayerCake makes it even that much better. Their second best is one of their more recent (not their most recent): Some might argue their earlier stuff was better, but they'd be wrong. These two are the best Duran Duran songs ever. Rio, Girls on Film, Hungry Like a Wolf, Wild Boys, the Reflex, New Moon on Monday, etc were all great, but nothing compared to these two.
  20. I've never once heard anyone claim that remodeling is cheaper than building new. If by remodel you mean paint, sand, finish, sure. But to completely redo a home is far more expensive. Granted, it is much cheaper if the home has been well maintained, but to remodel a nearly 50 year old home, which would require being brought to current code as well, it would be much more expensive than tearing down and building a new home.
  21. That is a beautiful home. I'd love to restore it to its MCM glory on the interior. The exterior is gorgeous. The interior, well, you know.
  22. If you are planning on restoring, don't even bother with making cost part of the argument. To do it, and do it right, it will absolutely cost more than tearing down and starting new. You will also likely never recover the costs of the restore either. However, if you love the home, and you're going to stay there, go for it. It will have to be for passion, not resale.
  23. I'd argue that cars are natural to the snakes environment, the rats and rabbits people feed to their snakes ARE domesticated and finally, I think the Zoo SHOULD round up feral cats and use them as feed if no one adopts them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
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