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  1. Multi-family doesn't automatically denote cheap. There is quite a lot of high end multi-familly. That said, there is nothing wrong with not wanting multi-family, or poor people, in your area.
  2. I had an issue where my last BMW was in the shop for 180 days of a two year lease and they wouldn't replace it, I couldn't get them to do much of anything really. I did get a lot of Z4s as loaners though, which I THRASHED. When you're as big as I am though, it is funny being seen in one. Even funnier seeing me get in/out of one with the top up. I likened me exiting the Z4 with the top up to the scene from Ace Venture 2 where he exited the Rhino. That was pretty much it. Anyway, four clutches, two transmissions, two drive shafts, some electrical problems and a gas padel that broke as the vehicle was entering a feeder road later, I finally got Marvin Zindler involved and he managed to get me a 5k discount off my next BMW. I didn't end up using that discount because I went through a 3rd party auto broker for these two most recent BMWs. As far as the new 7-series, honestly, I'm not sure. I *LOVE* the new S-Class and next year I will be getting a slightly used S65 (I'm waiting for them to take the massive depreciation hit that AMG models do -- from $198k to $100k in 10 months with 10k miles makes it acceptable for me to actually buy used). That said, I'll be looking at the new 7 with an open mind. The current 7 isn't big enough for me. I'm too tall, too fat, my shoulders are too broad and my legs are too long. Even in the back seats, my head hits the roof. If they make the new 7 more American athelete friendly, I could be tempted. I've gone through 11 cars in the past few years with five currently (two of which are in my business partner's garage), so it isn't unlikely that I wouldn't pick one up if BMW actually made it fit me. My next purchase, hopefully, is a 1964-65 Lincoln Continental Convertible sedan (black with white top preferably, everything working and in great shape). That is my current dream car.
  3. I call BS on your BS claim. I live in Sharpstown, I drive around regularly after dark. I have had my Bentley, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes and Infiniti parked in my driveway without issue, I drive with the windows, again, no issue. The area is not at all unsafe, and the stats prove it as well. If you hit 59 near Hillcroft by the former celebration station, it is certainly seedier there. The other side of 59 (south side) is also worse (behind the old Sharpstown Hospital for example). The apartments behind the mall are crap as well. That said, people take walks at night here, play in their yards, relax, etc with no problems. Areas that ARE dangerous are Fondren SW (Fondren and W. Belfort / Willowbend) though it isn't horrible, Alief is total crap, Gulfton is crap. Every area has its decent parts and crap parts, Sharpstown is no different. To paint it as unsafe is a crock of crap that cannot be substantiated by anything other than rumor and unfounded fear. Sharpstown is a great area, even with its blemishes. There is growing interest in Sharpstown by investors. Sharpstown mall has a new suitor, as does the old Gillman lot. I, personally, am looking at buying a couple of the apartment complexes behind the mall for re-development and there are others looking as well. There are quite a few remodels going on in the section of Country Club Terrace I am in, and the values keep going up in spite of the softness of this end of the real estate market. In Country Club Estates, homes have broken the half a mil mark for a while now and are still going. If I have my kudos, I'll be buying one of the only empty lots on the golf course and building a new period appropriate, yet modern, home there. There is re-development plans for the Harwin corridor, Bellaire, Gessner and 59 from Hilcroft to Bissonnett. There is a lot in the works for Sharpstown and I am glad I live here. Hell, they've even started remodelling the Conquistador tower! As to your list, I've commented in red, and I agree with you for the most part, but you've neglected some of the worst areas of Sharpstown. The apartments behind Sharpstown Hospital, the multi-family down Fondren at Bissonnett, the high school, Gessner at Bissonnett (the entire Bissonnett corridor for that matter), the trash apartments on the north side of Sandspoint (Sandspoint apartments and Highland Green), the apartments just off Gessner @ Sandspoint, the entirety of Harwin, the Savoy business are (which needs modernization and redevelopment), just to name a few. I love Sharpstown, but my blinders aren't on. I see its problems and love it in spite of them. I love the history of Sharpstown. I love the people (for the most part). I love the location (you simply cannot beat the location). Just FYI, I can back my claims about safety up with stats since I check them regularly. My family is well known in Sharpstown and have been leaders in the establishment of the PID and TIRZ as well as the storefront in the mall, just to name a few things. We stay on top of the goings on in the area. The stats are also readily available on the HPD website. So I would suggest one check them before making claims about Sharpstown's safety. For example, in May of this year, in Sharpstown, there were: no armed robberies, no assaults, no murders with a total of 5 felony arrests, 2 stolen cars and 1 burglary. Doesn't sound exactly unsafe.
  4. There is still a "Supra" project being developed by Lexus. The LF-A is position to compete with the Mercedes CL, BMW M6, Jaguar XK-R, Maserati GT (which I almost bought rather than my 650, but after the problems I had with my QP, I opted to get away from Italian for a bit), and other ultra-luxo GT cars. The 125k price bracket is what they are after. The LF-A is far from a replacement for the hideous and pointless SC430. Gladly, it seems Infiniti is reviving the Q series and taking aim at the 7-series BMW (soon to launch the new generation), S-Class (just recently launched), A8 (up for a refresh in a couple of years) rather than the mid-market it was targeting before. I suppose it had to since the Lexus LS went from a 45k luxury Toyota to 140k fully loaded. I looked at the LS before I picked up the A8L, and while it is very nice, it had no soul, no passion, didn't even feel "floaty". There was just no feeling at all. The gadgets weren't cool enough either. When it comes to cool gadgets, Infiniti has everyone beat. The nav/entertainment system in my QX56 is tops and is a major reason I chose it over the Escalade.
  5. I just bought two new BMWs. A 650i for myself and an M3 Coupe for my business partner. We looked at the 1-series for him (his wife will be driving the smaller car most of the time) and didn't like it. It felt extremely cheap. I hate BMW after my last experience with them, but I love the 650, so I was willing to suck it up for this one. Looks like I'll be driving it more over the next week or so since I have to take my QX56 in to the shop tomorrow to get it checked out after using it to chase down the guy who t-boned my neighbor about three hours ago. Yeah, it's an SUV, but curbs, trees, shrubs and drainage ditches do still do damage. At least my friend is ok, though his Accord is totalled. With luck, the truck will be ok too.
  6. page 50 after the next post weeeeeeee
  7. Charleston is one of the most beautiful cities in this country. My grandparents moved out there before they passed and I had the pleasure of visiting several times. While the climate is similar to here, though even more humid, it was absolutely stunning.
  8. v-necks belong as understhirts only, and even then, crew necks are better. V-necks are acceptable, occassionaly, as overwear (sweater). If you're not wearing crew neck, there is something wrong with you. No one wants to see your chest!
  9. First, you shouldn't assume I'm ignorant of the history of the song. I'm very aware, and that doesn't change anything. Second, way to go for managing to try to call me out for my ignorance only to follow it up with an insult towards homosexuals.
  10. No, it is the *.* national anthem. Why there needs to be something referred to as the black national anthem is further evidence of an unwillingness of a segment of the black population to be truly equal. Being truly equal means not separating one's self as well.
  11. These idiots all need to be shot. There is so much political bumbling and fumbling involved. UGH
  12. I was just joking with a buddy of mine about seeing the same guy in a minivan taking pictures and video of things up and down Westheimer and Allen Parkway.
  13. Public Enemy and NWA are the most overrated rap groups of all time.
  14. Don't forget Walkin' on Sunshinee by Katrina and the Waves from the Secret of My Success!
  15. I've met her before and was prompted to ask her to marry me, but I held my tongue.
  16. I think the Brooklyn Bridge one is cool, but the scaffolds aren't art, they are scaffolds. I could see something like this being awesome in Houston. For example: On the East Face of Transco/Williams Tower from the first terrace (with a portico over the entrance of course). Off of the 59/610 interchange could be cool. I'm sure there are other cool ideas for locations.
  17. A few things from me as someone who has failed and is in the process of succeeding (hopefully - I gauge success on the long term, not this years revenue). 1. Don't do something you don't love. 2. Don't put things off. The more time you waste, the more damage you do to yourself. 3. Don't get discouraged. Things won't always go your way. These aren't failures, these are steps to success. 4. Don't get greedy. 5. Don't be afraid to ask for help. 6. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 7. To do lists are a must. Organization is key or your chances are hurt. 8. Due diligence on contractors you hire to realize your business is very important. 9. Manage your cash flow wisely. If this project doesn't work out, but you're dedicated, try again. Life is pointless without risks. If you're married or have kids, be diligent in maintaining a consistent relationship with them. Forsaking your family is easy to do and rationalize when starting a business. Coming home late, ignoring them, etc is an easy trap to fall in to and no amount of success or money can repair the damage this can do. Involve them if you must, but maintain that relationship. In the end, it is the most important thing.
  18. i continue to be more and more intrigued by you... ;o)
  19. Because it is absolutely beautiful there. I'm going back ASAP.
  20. I think Boston has it's perks. I've loved it whenever I was there. I'd certainly never compare the two cities as they are simply far too different. The Dynamo, well, the MLS is kind of a joke, so that part I can understand. It isn't like Houston has been without excitement though. Between our multiple NBA championships and trips to the playoffs, the Superbowl being here, the Astros in the world series and our WNBA team being champs numerous times as well, I think we are fine. Houston simply doesn't spend on sports like northern cities do.
  21. eh, I think you might be a tad over-sensitive. Personally, I hate their teams colors, so I wouldn't want them here anyway! 'cept the Celtics. They are a cool team.
  22. Well, I've been back from Mexico for a few days now and I hate it! I want to go back!
  23. I still think I should buy Transco and rename it "GWilson's Big Building with a Light on Top". But that is just me.
  24. I gots an idea for that. BTW< I really hate not being able to use the quick reply to quote people.
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