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  1. gwilson

    Car Talk

    Why has this thread died? If you're still interested in cars (exotics, customs, etc) check out a friend of mine's new site, www.egarage.com . They've already been sourced more than once on Autoblog and Jalopnik and have some exclusive content on ultra exotics like the new SSC Tuatara. The site is amazing, the content is amazing, the guys that run it are pretty epic too.
  2. Thanks for the thanks. lol I check in from time to time. I've been suffering from some health issues lately that have kept me from poking around forums. I've also been dealing with some pretty serious legal problems which are finally getting sorted it seems. It isn't ideal, but at least I might be avoiding jail, which is always a plus. lol It will teach me not to trust people who have proven multiple times in the past that they aren't worthy of my trust.
  3. That does not negate the due process argument. No, when I get a speeding ticket, if I take it to court, the officer who issued it can be cross examined. The city, or a camera, cannot be. I know people who have gotten tickets for them, and I've got no reason to doubt them. It could have to do with placement of the cameras or the triggers. The fact that they happen at all is another strike against them. That doesn't mean we should legislate #1,001. I didn't say they actually beat them. It doesn't stop dumb people from doing dumb things though. The establishment of a precedence is the scari
  4. I'm sure it has been mentioned, but I'll rattle of my list of issues with allowing these red-light cameras. Some are Constitutional, others are safety related, others are just based in what I feel is right and wrong. Off we go... First, the cameras violate my right to due process. Second, I do not get to confront my accuser. Third, the cameras don't work. I know several people who were in the process of making legal traffic maneuvers but were ticketed anyway (legal right-on-red turns for example). Fourth, safety. More than once I've been startled by the flashes going off while driving. At 610
  5. I'm not sure why an income gap is a bad thing. There are always going to be rich and always going to be poor. By comparison, the poor in our country (for the most part) would be considered wealthy in quite a bit of the rest of the world. They might be eating Top Ramen and living in cruddy apartments, as I was 20 years ago, but that was something my family was thankful for. That isn't to say there aren't others who are worse off, homeless, etc. The difference is, here, they have far more of a chance to change that circumstance. Having worked with the homeless for going on a decade now, I was su
  6. gwilson

    Car Talk

    Infiniti M, I presume. I love the analog clock in my QX. Too bad it is too low to be of any real use. I've had several cars that had analog clocks in them in the past 10 years.
  7. gwilson

    Car Talk

    Subdude...looks like you're more on point that I thought... Marchionne admits Fiat might sell of Ferrari ahead of merger It still doesn't make sense to me. The idea of Ferrari and Lamborghini being head to head competitors within the same company just seems nutty. That said, no matter which car one chooses to buy, VW wins, so who knows. I do know that buying Ferrari would barely dent VW's cash position though.
  8. gwilson

    Car Talk

    Yes, but they don't have apples to apples competitors within their brand. Seat and VW aren't direct competitors. VW > Audi > Bentley Porsche > Lamborghini > Bugatti Skoda and Seat have automobiles in similar segments, but they aren't direct competition. Them buying Ferrari would give them two ultra-competitive brands in the same market. What they might do is simply buy an equity stake to piggy back on Fiat's most profitable brand. Fact is, we won't know until the silly Europeans do something silly. I think it would be tragic though. Part of what has kept both companies innovating
  9. gwilson

    Car Talk

    This isn't likely to happen considering that VW owns Lamborghini. In the unlikely event that it were to happen, it would be combining of engineering rather than design.
  10. gwilson

    Car Talk

    lol, I have an 08 QX56 and love it. I looked at every other SUV on the market and it was the most comfortable with the best toys at the time and I liked how it looked. Mine is quite a big a way from stock right now though. That said, the exterior styling on the new one is, different to say the least. I went and saw it in person this past week (went and looked at a few other ridiculous cars as well like the Aston Martin Rapide, Panamera Turbo and the new Jag XJ...all of which I like), and it looks much better in person. The interior, however, is possibly one of the best I've ever seen. I
  11. wow, wish I had seen this when you made the post. I'd have taken one of them. I've got a pit/rot mix and she is the best. She is getting grey though. Hopefully she sticks around for another 70 or so years.
  12. *pokes his head in* <--- check out my # of posts. lol
  13. I say we do a Happy Hour at the Hideaway on Dunvale. You guys get to come to my side of town rather than me trapsing all the way over to foreign soil! How about NEXT Thursday? If enough people are down, I'll call up and get them to set up it.
  14. Hey girlie! I know, but I've been crazy busy. I've only really been participating on one forum and I barely really post there anymore. I'll start visiting more often, I promise!
  15. holy crap. 82 pages. wowzers Hi folks!
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