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  1. Wow, this is going back a long time. I graduated in 76 (just attended my 30th reunion but that's another story) and I was there when it happened. I though it was 75 but I could be wrong but I do remember seeing the student bashing out the police car window for which he was eventually arrested for doing. There were a lot of drugs there and a lot of students including myself just left for the rest of the day. The next day my cousin left campus for lunch and was arrested for possesing some pills. These were actually legitimate perscription drugs but he had carried them in a plastic container which wasn't the original one the pills came in. Charges were dropped, the police were just trying to get all of the students attention. The young man that was killed was from Lee from what I remember and was the older brother of a student at Rogers who had gone there with a bat to confront a student who was bullying his younger brother. The Vice Principle at Rogers was holding him down when the other student grabbed the bat and hit him. Such a tragedy. I just moved out of the neighborhood next to Lee last year and it definitely was the demographics which changed Lee. I wouldn't let my kids go to Lee so I had them zoned to Westside through the magnet school program.
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