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  1. Great to see your comments and notes about old SW Houston. I'm also a graduate of Westbury High (1982) and remember most of those landmarks. I think I have some pictures of Westbury Square, if you're still interested.

  2. Yes, please post the photo or email to me. thankyou very much!
  3. Does anyone remember Southern Sales...I think it was at/near Chimney Rock & Bissonnet ?
  4. Does anyone have a photo of Weingarten's grocery store showing their sign?
  5. does anyone have a photo of the outside of the Houston Post building at 610/59 ?
  6. I used to deliver the newspaper to the shops on my bike riding through Westbury Square. I remember a few of the names of those shops like: Cargo Houston,Rumpleheimers....there was also a glass blower, An English soap/fragrance shop, A candle shop, The Cheese Man, and a great Pizza place (can't recall its name) that had live bands every weekend. Above many of the shops were apartments where people lived. It was the coolest place up until the Galleria was built. Tour buses from out-of-town would frequent Westbury Square bringing lots of tourists. Doug
  7. I'm making a film for a local Meyerland school's 30th Anniversary. I'm going to start the movie with a montage of short 1 second photos/slides of famous old Houston landmarks that were around & very recognizable back in 1977 but are no longer here. i.e. Westbury Square,Meyerland Cinema, Meyerland Shopping Center (the old one), Gooney Golf, South Post Oak bowling lanes,,Alfreds, The old Houston Post,The Purple Cow,Weingarten's grocery store, gas pump price signs 1977,Traders Vic, Sonny Looks, Houston skyline 1977......etc. This will set the mood for the film by taking the audience back to the 70's & with some music playing in the background from that era too. I like the song,"Classical Gas" for this opening even though it was 1st recorded in '68, it wasn't popular until Eric Clapton's version in the mid 70's. If you have any of the above photos (or other well known Houston landmarks around 1977...especially in SW) or know where I can get, please send to me! Any help/suggestions would be greaty appreciated. thanks, Doug S. Westbury High (class of '77)
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