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  1. How much is the tax rate? I've heard that it is over 4%. That is over 7k on a 175k house right?
  2. Yea, it does look like a very nice place to live. I think I am over the whole flooding deal, but I am bothered about the trash. I just imagine animals and flies having a fieldday. The smell can't be great either. I looked into Fall Creek, but it just seems so far from everything. I think I will end up going to SCR. The only thing really holding me back is the lack of trash bins...
  3. If you look at the flood plain map on this website: http://www.cityofpearland.com/vertical/Sit...3A2ABEFB2E}.PDF -you will see part of SCR encompassed by the flood plain. Ironically, that is the exact neighborhood I am thinking about...hence my concern. I drove around SCR on Monday in the afternoon. There were 2 spots where the roads were flooded and I had to turn around. -The first area was the road in b/t Waterside Landing and Kelsey Pointe. -The second area was near Rosewood Crossing and Jasmine Pass. There was construction going on at that school which probably led to the floodin
  4. I am thinking of purchasing a home there but I have a few questions for those who live there. I drove around the neighborhood and found everyone putting bags of trash on the curb. -Why are there no bins for each house? Will you get them soon? Also, the neighborhood I am looking at is in the flood plain. It worries me a little bit. I've read that the detention ponds and the lakes provide relief from the threat of flooding but I drove through during the major storm we had this week and there were 2-3 areas where the water was so high, making the roads inside SCR impassable. -Should I be
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