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    Just made the switch from the Y to Bally's on Shepherd and couldn't be happier. I was sick of the small weight room, outdated and broken equipment, and children running all over the place (especially in the summer). Isn't there supposed to be an age limit in the weight room? I know childhood obesity is on the rise, but I don't want to have to wait on a 12 year old to get off the weight machine. If you haven't been inside the Bally's, it is MUCH bigger than it looks from the street, I was very supprised. I am on a monthly national membership and it is comparable to what I was paying a
  2. The Post Oak YMCA on Augusta Drive has a pool. It is not indoors but it is heated.
  3. I am a member at the YMCA on 34th and it's okay. It's about a mile from my house, so it's convenient, but I'm not a big fan. This time of year, summer, is the worst. The place is crawling with kids. I have nothing against kids, I like kids, but seriously, they're everywhere. Trying to work out there after work is a waste of time. The staff does a poor job of keeping children out of the weight room. I shouldn't have to wait my turn while an 11 year old finishes his reps. I know that the YMCA is a family place, but that doesn't mean drop your child off on the way to work and pick them u
  4. There is not enough land to build a decent sized HEB, no bigger than the one at Ella & W 18th. The Food Land site is only 3.3 acres. Your medium sized HEB stores are around 80,000 square feet and due to their parking needs generally require an 8 to 10 acre site (new HEB Plus! stores are around 100,000 sf). I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for any new HEB stores inside the loop due to the lack of available sites and high land prices.
  5. The government must be up to something!!!
  6. I doubt it, $6,000,000 would be extremely high for the area. The site is 2.98 acres and a $6,000,000 price tag for the land would be $46.16 per square foot before any adjustments for demolition. The only land sale remotely comparable within a 3 mile radius is a 3.3 acre site on W34th that sold in February of 2007 for about $10.00 per square foot. If you were REALLY generous and applied a $15 per square foot price tag on the dirt you are looking at around $1,950,000 for the land. I doubt someone bought it for the improvements, you're talking about a dilapidated supermarket built in 1960 at
  7. Hmmm...I know they are putting a free standing WAMU branch in the shopping center at 43rd & Ella. Seems silly that they would be building another WAMU branch at 34th & Shepherd (I guess if they are in fact building 2 new branches less than 2 miles from each other, they have done their research and the think they will make money, in which case it would not be silly for them). I hope this is not the case, though it would not suprise me. If it has to be a bank branch, I wish it was going to be a Bank of America. I hate having to go to the other side of the freeway to the drive-thru bra
  8. Anybody know what is going in at the southwest corner of 34th and Shepherd? A foundation has been poured, but there are no signs. There was an old gas station before, but it doesn't look like it is going to be. I am sure it will be a bank branch of some sort.
  9. Well the Starbucks finally opened and it appears the center is making some progress. I checked Page Partners website last week and it looks like there are a few other tenants that have signed leases in the center. Of course, they will be building a free standing Washington Mutual between Kroger and Starbucks. Other confirmed leases are Massage Envy and a nail salon. According to the center's marketing flyer, they are in negotiations with a restaurant for the end-cap space closest to Ella. Let's hope it's something good. They claim to be in negotiations with a wine bar for the oposite en
  10. Around $40 per square foot for property with frontage along Washington Avenue. $30-$35 off Washington Avenue.
  11. There is an indoor skate park on Wakefield just east of Golf.
  12. You're right, they certainly are serving their purpose. I mean, if there is a sign saying "No Defecating in the Bushes", I am less likely to defecate in those bushes.
  13. I was driving home the other day, turning left on W 43rd from Shepherd, and the house on the southwest corner had several signs in their front yard near the bus stop: "No Defecating in the Bushes" "No Trespassing" "No Drugs or Alcohol" "No Prostitution" This must be a real problem if they had to put signs like that in their front yard. Not a good selling point for the 20 houses on the market along W 43rd between Ella and Shepherd. I live on W 43rd, and aside from cigarette butts and some trash dropped in my front yard by pedestrians, I haven't had much of a problem. Now, granted, I do not h
  14. No, not EVERY night. All I'm saying is my wife is a fire fighter downtown and she sees this stuff first hand, and it happens a lot. There are a lot of really great bars and restaurants downtown, but like any major city, you just need to be careful. Downtown Houston has always been rough, that hasn't changed. I don't think we have to worry about Downtown ending up like the Richmond Strip. With Minute Maid Park, Toyota Center, Hilton Americas, Metro Rail, George R. Brown, Bayou Place, Aquarium, Jones Hall, etc., I think Downtown Houston will continue to attrack alot of people. Back to the or
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