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  1. Ok, since we have to be technical, the items on the dinner menu are not that great. The chili is served as an appetizer in a cup or you can order a bowl. The basket of bread is complimentary. Hopefully this clears everything up for you. On the Border by the JC Penney.
  2. I noticed a sign that appears to advertise the future addition of a Texas Roadhouse restaurant next to On The Border. I enjoy the bread and really love the chili there. The food itself is mediocre in my opinion, but at least it's another option.
  3. Wow...I live in Silverlake and I have not noticed the influx of thugs walking around my hood. I see people walking, jogging, pushing their babies, ect. How come all of these people aren't locked up in their houses with pistols in hand? I seriously doubt Silverlake, Silvercreek, SCR, Southern Trails, ect. will ever become the "hood". I personally have never seen a ghetto that has a golf course (even if it isn't the best..). The houses are too expensive and the property taxes are too high. The proximity to the Med Center will always be a bonus for Pearland. I don't shop at WalMart because
  4. Chuck, did you have any problems getting in and out of the neighborhood due to the rain earlier this week? I've been looking at possibly moving to this area. Thx!
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