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  1. Anyone know of a gym convenient to Shadow Creek that has a lap pool? The closest I know of would be the LA Fitness in Mo City. I don't care how much it costs, I wish I knew of one closer than that LA Fitness. I haven't come across anything by talking to neighbors or googling. Anyone here have good news for me? Thanks!
  2. Is it open or were they doing some training session before the open date. There were a bunch of people in uniform when I drove home today, and I didn't see any kinds of "we're open" signs. Although I did see someone at the drive-thru window. I'll probably go check it out tomorrow. Probably won't eat there often but it's nice to have for the occasional craving.
  3. I've been out of town the last several weeks, but I saw the signs for the 518 "Grand Opening" on October 30. I wonder what the delay is. It looks like the road is ready to go. I'm excited about the opening this week. Can't wait to check out the sushi bar and what types of fish they are going to have available in the expanded fish market.
  4. If I were you, I'd forget about buying and rent in midtown somewhere near all the bars. A lot of tail to chase in the area and you can get a very nice place for no more than a grand a month, and can easily spend a couple hundred less if you were so inclined. Ownership is definitely not for everyone and you fit the exact demographic for rent over buy. I live in Pearland now and really love it but at your age and situation I would have never considered the suburbs.
  5. While we never looked for houses in Telfair, my understanding is that Telfair is significantly more expensive than SCR and other communities around us like Southern Trails and Silvercreek. I think the commute to downtown will be a wash, unless you are able to work non-standard hours. I work in downtown as well and have the little bit of flexibility to get in at 9:30. Because of that I can leave my home at 9 or a few minutes after, and drive to downtown, park in my garage and the five minute walk to my office and be in the office at 9:30. If you can manage your hours, SCR's proximity to down
  6. Drove by the area this weekend and noticed the framework going up is for a Springhill Suites. So that's going to make 2 Marriott chain hotels on the Pearland 288 corridor. Certainly good news for the area.
  7. While Courtyard's are nice business hotels, they are not full service like the real Marriott. I wish the project was home to a Marriott and not a Marriott chain, like the Sugar Land Town Center. Good, but could have been better.
  8. Hobby Lobby and Academy? Ugh I know this side of Pearland is in need of a sporting goods store badly, but I'd rather have it been a Sports Authority. And there could have been many many better tenants than Hobby Lobby. But this one clearly was going to take a back seat to the developments on the southwest side of 288/518 and 288/8 so I'm okay with it.
  9. Considering your budget, I would check out Silvercreek. My wife and I loved some of the houses out there, but 300,000 was stretching our budget anyways so we ending up buying in SCR. SCR in our opinion has nicer options in the 200-300K range. Considering the tax rate difference as well, there should be something out there to suit yall very well. That's not to say you won't find anything in SCR. You surely wll in your budget. And it is a great community. We love it out here despite the taxes.
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