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  1. I went in there a year or so ago and "mama" told me the store had sold and was closing....guess that didn't happen
  2. I wonder how/if the police will patrol it - the old bridge was so narrow they didn't have any place to park to zap you with radar...I think there is one area on the new bridge that looks like a stub for a future connection, maybe they can "hide" there... I'll be taking my inaugural drive in less than an hour !
  3. This is across the street from St Arnolds
  4. I drive by early in the mornings on my way to work - yesterday the interior was light up with lots of blue (maybe neon) lights....definitely seemed to give a bar vibe...
  5. The warehouse and other building (not sure what it was) across McKee street is now fenced off
  6. They have cleared this lot - looks like they are starting their "future expansion"
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