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  1. Stopped by on my bike today and talked with who I assume is one of the owners....he said they will be open in April if things continue as planned - he said they slowed down, but are back on track now.. They will be putting a taco stand in one of the remaining old houses and something else similar in the other one. They will also be expanding to the lot behind (to the east) the current area shortly
  2. Untitled by Houston Midtown, on Flickr Untitled by Houston Midtown, on Flickr
  3. Work is progressing......slowly... Untitled by Houston Midtown, on Flickr
  4. The Chartres ramp to I-10 west is open again...
  5. There isn't much inside the building last time I looked - there appeared to be a temporary office set up, but other than that, just open space
  6. They better start construction shortly if they are going to be open that soon - there wasn't anything being done on the lot the last time I went by ( a few weeks ago)
  7. Untitled by Houston Midtown, on Flickr Untitled by Houston Midtown, on Flickr
  8. HoustonMidtown

    Car Talk

    I stopped and talked to the guys at the BBVA compass parking lot - they are filming a Cadillac SUV commercial somewhere downtown. Someone on NextDoor said it was near the Chevron building, but I didn't see anything there today - I rode all around downtown but couldn't find them anywhere
  9. HoustonMidtown

    Car Talk

    Anyone have any idea what these guys are doing? They have a bunch of new Cadillac SUVs - it's hard to see in the picture, but they have what looks like one of those movie rigs they attach to cars when filming, with a bunch of cameras attached Untitled by Houston Midtown, on Flickr
  10. Another house gone.... Untitled by Houston Midtown, on Flickr
  11. HoustonMidtown

    Car Talk

    BMW reverses course and make Apple CarPlay free again https://www.autoblog.com/2019/12/04/bmw-free-apple-carplay/?ncid=edlinkusauto00000015
  12. HoustonMidtown

    Car Talk

    It has been there all summer off and on - I took a picture back in May when I saw it so I could look online to see what it was...quite a beast!
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