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  1. I actually like the new design, I don't think that everything needs to have a corporate image in order to still look professional. One thing about the new one that I personally like, is that it seems more calm with the lowercase, whereas with the capital letters it seems like it was more brute and in your face.
  2. Aww man! That is very unfortunate, I love the Byzantine Fresco Chapel. It's understandable why they want it returned, but sucks for us.
  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures, I would really like to visit Seoul one day.
  4. That sucks! Sorry to hear that. I will definitely keep an eye out for it.
  5. Talbot


    I mainly lurk just to see what interesting information is posted, then when I find something I might be able to add in on, I will.
  6. Wow, I have not been keeping up with the North Corridor, but that is awesome!
  7. Please no more salons or beauty spas!
  8. i am excited about Carls Jr. since the west rd location is on my way to LoneStar but i really cant wait for more In N Out news.
  9. I like the pedestrian plaza shown in the first renderings.
  10. While I won't say that In-N-Out necessarily beats Whataburger, I am pretty excited about having them in Texas. Just because it reminds me of California, but I do enjoy their burgers though.
  11. I like their design for the TMC station.
  12. Everyone I have ever met out of state know that Houston is a huge city.
  13. Well if this is true then it is very exciting! We shall see.
  14. Wow, very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  15. It looks pretty awesome, but wow.. we think we have a lot of accidents involving turns with our light rail. I imagine that thing will be pretty quiet for it's size as well.
  16. I like the glass as well. Really looks nice.
  17. I don't think it's bad. Man people will get offended over anything these days.
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