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  1. The only things the 6+ has over the 6 are bigger battery, higher resolution/larger screen, and image stabilization (all good things for sure)....I haven't been able to find any other differences, if there are, please correct me because Im still debating which one to pick also (Im leaning towards the 6 because of the size)



    Honestly, I think I am going to stick with just the 4.7 inch iPhone. I believe that the added Image Stabilization is because the phone is so large that it is harder to take still pictures compared to a smaller phone. At least that is my personal experience with the Note 3.


    The Plus does have better battery life due to the bigger battery. And from what I can tell, the higher resolution of the screens is also needed due to screen size, but my feeling is if you lay them side by side you wouldn't even be able to notice the difference in clarity.


    One thing I do like about the Plus though is the landscape mode and how it takes advantage of screen real-estate. But I don't know if that is worth it to me. I will have to wait for more reviews to come out personally. 

  2. Funny, I was just discussing this with a friend the other day that lives in Tomball and how I have not seen any in what seems like a long time now.


    I was surprised that there were none on the land that he lives on due to it being pretty rural.

  3. I remember one that was on the southwest corner of Franz Rd. and Fry Rd. in the Katy area and now it is just an empty lot with a slab of concrete. I didn't like it, always seemed to have problems.

  4. Very tragic news, I hate seeing distressed and angry people take out innocent lives with them. I guess after an amount of time the anger just begins to rot you mentally. 


    I thought he was from Fort Worth and his parents just lived in New York? Not that it's a crucial fact or anything.

  5. Sears days are definetly numbered. That whole block all the way to where that mechanic shop is at, is prime real estate. Especially with the development of Richmond Landing just right down the way. I e-mailed Kirksey just to see if there is any update on this project. Hope to hear from them soon.


    Any reply from Kirksey yet?

  6. I have gotten a lot of flak for saying this, but I think Schaub is the next Mark Sanchez and honestly I believe he needs to go. He is too conservative and does not move around in the pocket.. the only place he moves is backwards (like last game one play he went back almost half the field!).

    Also, I think we should do more passing plays on 1st and 2nd down and running plays when we are closer to the 1st down, although it is hard to trust Schaub lately with passing plays.

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