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  1. Honestly, I think I am going to stick with just the 4.7 inch iPhone. I believe that the added Image Stabilization is because the phone is so large that it is harder to take still pictures compared to a smaller phone. At least that is my personal experience with the Note 3. The Plus does have better battery life due to the bigger battery. And from what I can tell, the higher resolution of the screens is also needed due to screen size, but my feeling is if you lay them side by side you wouldn't even be able to notice the difference in clarity. One thing I do like about the Plus though is the landscape mode and how it takes advantage of screen real-estate. But I don't know if that is worth it to me. I will have to wait for more reviews to come out personally.
  2. I think I am going to order one when they are released, only thing is I don't like the size of the iPhone 6 Plus and feel like I would be missing out with some features if I don't get it, which sucks. I have a Note 3 for my work phone, but would like to have another personal iPhone. I just don't need a phone as big as the Note 3.
  3. I actually quite miss The HAIF version 1.0. I believe I was pretty young when I joined as well. But I can't remember how old, possibly 16.
  4. Funny, I was just discussing this with a friend the other day that lives in Tomball and how I have not seen any in what seems like a long time now. I was surprised that there were none on the land that he lives on due to it being pretty rural.
  5. They are awesome, but they look expensive.. and you know how that goes around here..
  6. I remember one that was on the southwest corner of Franz Rd. and Fry Rd. in the Katy area and now it is just an empty lot with a slab of concrete. I didn't like it, always seemed to have problems.
  7. It is exciting to hear that DT Houston reminds him of Chicago 20 years ago. I hope all of the development continues well into the future.
  8. Very tragic news, I hate seeing distressed and angry people take out innocent lives with them. I guess after an amount of time the anger just begins to rot you mentally. I thought he was from Fort Worth and his parents just lived in New York? Not that it's a crucial fact or anything.
  9. I would rather have low-rise commercial in and around DT than a sea of parking lots. At least it adds some sort of conformity. Now, would I rather have a parking lot compared to an abandoned building, that is a harder question.
  10. I went to the one at La Centerra, had good food, but the service seemed kind of slow.
  11. I haven't gotten to stop by, I want to, but this specific Aldi that the thread is titled for has been pretty busy since Grand Opening Day.
  12. Haha, that thread was funny to read. But goodness, I would be afraid to even open the door in fears that it might actually be holding up the whole structure.
  13. It would be cool to get a theme park, but this looks like a rendering that somebody put together for a class assignment. But it seems like the idea would be pretty cool.
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