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  1. I remember that day well. My Mom woke me up and said to look out the front door. I remember getting bundled up as fast as I could. We stayed out all day playing in the snow and only came in for a quick lunch.
  2. The only way around that was to call the operator and tell them it was an emegency, and most times they would cut into the line...............I actually never did that, but I had friends that did.
  3. I do believe you are right...........my Mom and I ate there quite often back in the late 60's/early 70's. My inlaws used to go there as well, way before they were my inlaws.
  4. I tried to send you an email but it said your box was full................I'll try again later.
  5. Small world. I had Mrs. Thompson in (3rd or 4th grade -- getting old -- memory loss!). She must be up there in age. Anyway, you have mail.
  6. I lived in Gulf Meadows until '73ish.............I assume you went to Mitchell??? I lived on Gulf Tree. Oh, the memories!!! I don't recall Paul Boesch living there, but I really didn't hear about it either.
  7. The "old" Monterey House enchiladas were so good. When you got them to go, the enchiladas (with finely chopped onions), rice and beans were in a round aluminum container, with cardboard top. That was placed in a cardboard box along with your candy and untensils. I think you got a few chips as well and some hot sauce in a packet. What I will never forget the smell of the box with the enchilada dinner in it. AWESOME!!!
  8. I saw some photos from one of my favorite sites "Abandoned & Little Known Airports".................here's the link with a lot of scoop on Sam Houston airport. members.tripod.com/airfields_freeman/TX/Airfields_TX_HoustonS.htm#samhouston You aren't crazy.......I saw it with my then 5 or 6 year old eyes. I don't think it was being used in the mid-60's though.
  9. I lived on Melanite off of Post Oak (three blocks from BW8) from when I was 3 until I was 7. I think the subdivision was called Blueridge. My Mom worked at Shell in Deer Park, so I got to stay with my Grandmother in Pasadena and went to Private school in 1st grade. Those were some fond childhood memories I will always cherish.
  10. What about Willie and Mike's Innovation? It was on Westheimer. I think that it was a Cajun place after that and now TexaDelphia, but I'm not totally sure. Anyway, the waitstaff dressed up as different characters (prisoners, cops, conctruction workers, etc.....) and the eating areas were "themed" (jail, etc....) I went there a couple of times and it was truly a neat experience. Any comments/corrections would be appreciated. Also, there was a hamburger joint (mid 60's - - way back when) on South Post Oak just north of Anderson and south of W Fuqua. They had mini-hamburgers like White Castle, but I think they were round. Bun, meat and onion..............they were very good. Can't remember the name.
  11. I've been a lurker, and now my first post.............. (Mr.) Charburger on Telphone Road just past Almeda Genoa. I lived in Gulf Meadows when I was 7, so that would make it about 38 years(ish). I love the nostalgia. This is a great site!!!!
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