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  1. Can't remember the name, but it was a fast-food seafood place. There were several around town, but the ones I remember well were on I-45 and Monroe and I-45 and Park Place. Any ideas?
  2. Just email or call the museum. They have volunteers there every day they are open. You can also sign up to be a member. They are always looking for exhibit "stuff". I'm just as happy as you are they are preserving this landmark.
  3. Let not your heart be troubled.................as the post shows above, the old terminal is alive and kicking. My kids and I go there at least 4-5 times a year. The displays are limited in number at this time (but they have a lot of new stuff coming), but chock full of memories. On our most recent visit, they were getting the middle part or "main lobby" in shape. I have had the privelege of going up into the old control tower. The place is filled with nostalgia. I'm quite sure that your next visit to Houston will have a visit to the old terminal on the schedule. It is worth a lot more than the $2 admission (should be more IMO).
  4. Forgot...............I saw Elvis in '70 or '71 at the Rodeo.
  5. My dome memories............. The orange light above the clocks. If it was on and an Astro hit a home run, it was free beer time for a period of time. It happened a couple of times I was at a game with my Dad. I remember the stampede to the concession stand, and my Dad leaving me in a trail of dust while I sat in my seat. That promotion didn't last long. Demolition Derby - Joey Chitwood, Evel Knievel MotoCross Races Rolling Stones Astros/Oilers Rodeos OTC The yellow section cheap seats - most of the time The outfield cheap seats ($1) The blue section - once back in '97 The suites - a few times Astro Buddy games Dome Dogs Dome Foam Astronaut guys raking the dirt between innings Seeing Buff Stadium when it was still there Many others.......................
  6. I swam in the pool every time we went there. My burr haircut always attracted the horseflies right to my head. My Dad and Uncle and I would go fishing there as well. I Never caught anything, but it was fun. I always had a great time at the picnics. We lived in Gulf Meadows (Telehone & Fuqua) so we were a little closer, but it still seemed like a long way.
  7. Does anybody (besides me) have any recollection of Shellwood? It was on the corner of 518 and 528 in Friendswood, and was bascially a park for Shell employees. They always had their company picnics there. It was very wooded and had a pool, tennis and basketball courts, picnic tables, etc.... I always knew where it was, but my Mom's friend told me there was a subdivision where it once was (I never knew that it was bounded by 528). The "lake" is still there, and is located right off of the creek (Clear Creek perhaps?). I was wondering if anybody could share some memories of it.
  8. Cooter's was the name of the place on the west end..................spent many a time in there and drank many adult beverages back in the day.
  9. Found this http://bayoucityhistory.blogspot.com/2006_09_01_archive.html
  10. I saw a bunch of concerts there. ZZ Top, Frampton (got mugged afterwards), Aerosmith, Journey, Judas Priest, and many others. Most memorable was AC/DC (part of a three band lineup with BTO and Foghat if I recall), where Angus Young got on Bon Scott's shoulders during an extended guitar solo. Bon walked off stage and onto the floor. He then came up one of the aisles and proceeded to walk through the perimeter halls, while Angus shook his head back and forth, playing his guitar. I also remember going to the circus there as well. I also saw Toto in the Music Hall and when we got tickets, we just went when the concert was announced and got front row seats......only time that ever happened!
  11. I'll bite on this one. I had a Houston Post paper route back in '74-'75. My next door neighbor (the Mom) was a manager at the Dutch Kettle on Gulf Freeway (near Howard/Bellfort). My friend (the son) would help me do my route and afterwards we wnet over to DK and his mom would treat us to breakfast. My "usual" was a pecan waffle with blueberries..........mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Later on, I worked the graveyard shift on weekends at the DK on 59 (near Chimney Rosk/Gulfton). I bussed tables, and got my first glimpse of things yet to come............getting something to eat after clubbing. There were some characters to say the least, and years later, I became one of them!
  12. As for the milk, it was in a glass container with the paper cap or stopper in the top........................
  13. All you have to do is ask. You can only go if there is more than one person and of course if they are able to do so (i.e. they don't have to do museum stuff). All you have to do is sign a waiver. I would mention that you have heard you could do so. It also hleps if you go up there occasionally. You can also sign up to volunteer and then be assured going up there.
  14. What's cool as well, is that if there are enough staff on hand, you can get a "VIP" tour of the closed off parts. A couple of months ago, I was fortunate to go behind the glass and explore the unfinished areas, and got to go up in the old control tower. Talking about nostalgic! I imagined the controllers clearing Connies, DC-3's, Braniff BAC-111's and mant other types of aircraft to land. It was way too hot, so me and the guide were only up there for about 5 minutes. I highly recommend a visit. It's not always that you get to step back in time...........
  15. I went to that one several times. I can still remember the smell of those bugers cooking in the cozy little grill area.........yummy!
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