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  1. We're getting a little off thread here... On another topic, I ventured into the Randall's on Bellfort at S. Post Oak, and I was actually pretty pleased. I previously shopped at the Kroger on the other (west) side of Post Oak, and it seems the Randall's is much nicer. In fact, I think the Randall's is nicer than the old Randall's Flagship on W Holcombe and Buffalo Speedway.
  2. Speaking of the Wal-Mart, I live just inside Meyerland off of W. Bellfort. I have been to that store twice, and I felt like I was going to get shot both times. The first time I was in between two cars yelling at each other over a parking space, and the second when walking from my car to the store. I won't go back now, but unfortunately I doubt the store will be leaving. Any suggestions on what to do about that (other than convincing WM to move the store down to Post Oak and West Orem?). I am excited about the Target opening in Meyerland Plaza; hopefully, it will serve the needs of the Meyerland, Bellaire, and Westbury communities without bringing in a bunch of riff-raff.
  3. Thanks for all of your comments. It seems we all share the same opinion and the strength of the areas mentioned; I believe they will hold their value as the decline pushes out further. On the interesting topic of comparing revitalized close to the loop neighborhoods with the suburbs, what do you think about the first developments in areas such as Kingwood, Pearland, and Sugar Land? Will those areas ultimately see decline as well? Clearly they are still building homes in those locations, but many of the initial builds are 20+ years old. As those homes begin to dilapidate, I can't see a lot of money being sunk in to redo them (aka Meyerland, Oak Forest, etc.), since 1) your still way out in the boonies in terms of commute, and 2) you could just buy a new tract home 5 miles (even further) out.
  4. I'd like to get some feedback on the future of Meyerland specifically, and the inner southwest near the loop in general (Woodside/Woodshire, Meyerland, Willow Meadows/Bend/Brook, Westbury). We purchased a home in the area within the last few years, and from our viewpoint (at least in Meyerland), there has been a lot of money reinvested in the ranch houses (of course with a few teardowns and McMansions). It seems that a lot of young professional couples are moving into the area to support this change. On the flip side, however, many articles have referred to the demise and deterioration of the "first ring" suburbs over the next decade to twenty years (that has already begun in some places). Granted, these articles typically are focusing on Eastern cities, but it seems that Meyerland (and further, places like Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, Briarmeadow, etc.) fit the definition, but are the areas more likely to suffer in Houston places one "pass" further out (e.g. more like the ring near Beltway 8)? So let's keep it wide open. Any thoughts?
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