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  1. Well you can blame that on what we all have been trained to believe from these "urbanist" ideas usually from following these forums on what we are supposed to think good urban development means. I guess a similar situation would be how disappointed every one was when they put a Forever 21 and a Payless Shoe Source inside the Galleria Mall that time. I'd like to see a Frenchy's or something go in as much as the next guy. True, my mind was thinking from the viewpoint that a common "hood" spot may not be welcome by those with money right next to a brand new 5 star convention hotel, luxury apartments, and nice luxury dining like The Grove, XOCTL, and Grotto.
  2. I haven't a clue what this post is talking about. It sounds like jibberish.
  3. Look i'm not a professional, nor am I going to try to pretend like I am one. But my one question for you is, in a city where many different projects are happening in various parts of the city; midtown, downtown, uptown, rice village, medical center, memorial city, upper kirby, etc. Why does the city only have to be limited to midtown and eado in terms of focus. They each have their own management distrcits ie midtown management district, and east end management district. The better connection problem you speak of is already happening with the opening of the North rail Line being the first step. I could be wrong, but i think the improvements/expansions UHD made a few years ago was also apart of that first step. I'm thinking they knew that area would possibly become something when the openings of the rail line finally came through. Those pedestrian/bike plans will be an easy addition after that.
  4. http://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Houston-s-downtown-skyline-to-be-reshaped-4364923.php?t=fa84c9cb77
  5. The survey is supposedly closed now. And what's up with that link to where we could view the results? I keep getting an error message?
  6. It's really hard to get excited about a skate park. Houston seems big on filling empty spaces with parks these days. Big whoopti whoo!
  7. Hell Yeah! Now that's what i'm talking about! I love 7eleven. It's about damn time!!!!
  8. On the contrary my illustrious friend... This post was actually the most "on topic" post in a while.
  9. i hope it this project hasn't been scrapped. It's frustrating because it was supposed to begin last fall (2011) and still no word of anything. I'm wondering if this might be going the way of the High Street project. I remember years ago they were saying that the High Street development was going to add new apartments or condos which would cause the Westcreek apartments to be razed, Well? Here we are 5 years later and still nothing. It would be awesome if this RS happens, and along with the new "Central park" concept nearby. It would be a true urban paradise.
  10. Whatever happened to those golden plans to hang bright large signs on H/P? That seemed like it would help people see the establishment better. I never realized how enclosed this place is. It would've been a better idea to have it facing out toward the streets rather than having loading docks facing the street. That was stupid on the developer's part. All I got to say is, I hope Houston19514s right and this doesn't take anything away from what's there currently
  11. seriously? what is taking so long just to build this walk bridge? It seems there's alot of street improvements and freeway overpass construction taking less time than this. It's not even going to really enhance the look of the area.
  12. I am in love with the new Wells Fargo lighting. I think a few more buildings should support the WF building and light their buildings up creatively as well. Just as long as they don't bring back the beige white christmas lights like someone C2H stated on here earlier. That was so uncreative and lame looking.
  13. were all of his posts recently deleted or something? I can't view any of his last posts!
  14. It's amazing. Houston has the sleekest light rail train running along some of the most ragedy streets and surroundings. The rest of Houston doesn't compliment the sleek design of the train. As much as I hate to admit it, it would be better fit in Dallas.
  15. The building sucks. Hopefully, they'll make up for it by giving it some nice illumination at night as well as keeping the plans for the lighted "E" on the top.
  16. I never saw what the city thinks is so beautiful about having a monotone and boring downtown at night. The developers of the Houston Pavilions had the city bend the rules a little bit when hanging some of the signs, but seemed to renig on the talk of the video screens they once had. Downtown has too many voids. Bayou Place and Pavilions are the only real noteworthy area sights downtown has. It's a shame that a downtown as big as Houston can't have one concentrated area where most the activity takes place. A visitor would have to really know their way around to be able to navigate from Bayou place all the way to the Convention Center.
  17. I'm completely agree with Citykid on this issue. For the past 6 or so years this train has been in operation, the only thing i've seen being done by METRO is them playing the blame game. Same thing after every crash, "It was the driver's fault". "It was the bus driver". It's obviously a poorly-designed system if so many people are having so much trouble. The sad part is, the problem is only going to get worse when they add the new lines, especially the University Line. They need to build a grade-seperated system to prevent these things from happening. The man who ran the stop light and was killed by the metro train about 5 years ago may have been his fault, but that's still no excuse. Metro did the best they could to put Houston on the LRT map, but what i see happening now is just insanity, which is rightfully the definition: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We need a new transportation agency. The people Metro ain't got a clue!
  18. thanks kid. some people still refuse to accept reality as it is in Houston.
  19. i really hope this happens too, but like Kimberly i too am a tad pessimistic that this will go all the way. It seems in the past whenever Houston has the opportunity to do something great, it's always drops the ball. I hope and pray things will be different this time around! BTA (but then again) maybe this will go the way of HP and actually get approved! BTW- this is my first post in over 5 months. Did yall miss tierwestah?
  20. It is a very nice freeway indeed. I wish I-45 north could look like that (not talking about Spring/The Woodlands area).
  21. Oh we already know how much Denver and the rest of Colorado "LOVES" Texas. I don't think there's anything we can do to make them "LOVE" us even more.
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