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  1. Greenboard is not recommended for use in wet areas anymore. Products like hardibacker, durock, or wunderboard should be used instead.
  2. Maybe you folks should move into smaller more efficient houses and stop bitching about your electric bills.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I already have the bathroom completely gutted so I'm ready to get going, all these decisions are stressing me out though:) Redscare - You are correct that the rooms are somewhat small. A kingsize bed will only fit in one of the spare bedrooms. The master bedroom with attached bath is actually a smaller room, I have it setup as guest bedroom right now. One more question, it seems all my friends (from the burbs) and girlfriend insist that if I undertake this project I need to add a tub to the bathroom. I would prefer to have a walk-in tiled shower only as I have a tub in the hall bath. Adding a tub will make things extremely tight along with the complication and additional expense of an additional drain line. Is a tub in master a huge selling point? Personally, I would prefer to have a larger shower, I guess I need some female opinions here:) I'm working on some 3D cad layouts, I'll post them in the next couple of days for more critique.
  4. Hi - I am currently redoing the master bath in my house and considering two different options, I'd like some opinions on which option would be more desirable when we sell the house. I'm a young first time home owner so I'd like some opinions to get a plan in place before I really get going on this project. For reference the house is ~1800sq ft with 4 bedrooms & 2 baths, located just west of the Heights. The master bath I am working on is a very small bathroom (7.5 ft x 6.5 ft.) with single vanity, corner shower stall, and toilet. Option #1 consists of keeping the existing floorplan and doing a complete renovation to the bathroom. Option #2 would be to enlarge the master bath , however, this would require combining two of the bedrooms, essentially creating a master suite and thus reducing the number of bedrooms in the house to a total of 3. Which option do you think is the way to go here and what effect would small bath/large bath vs 4/3 bedrooms have on resale of the house?
  5. I forgot to mention, if you do go with paint use either Heatbloc-75, Lo/Mit (both versions I and II are great), and Radiance e.25. Other than that they're all not worth your cash. The paints listed above all have emittance values lower than .25 whereas most other competitors can only vouch for an emittance of .5 or higher. You should demand your contractor supplies unopened containers of paint. Many are thinning down the radiant paint, which reduces the performance. Go look up the emittance for radiant foil and you will see why foil is a superior product:)
  6. Ues radiant barrier foil instead of paint. The foil offers better performance and there are many things contractors can do to diminish the performance of the paint.
  7. I've used that tree for shade before when I need a break from my bike ride, it is in a good spot and I don't see any reason to cut it down.
  8. Have you considered ripping up the tile and putting in a new mud bed at the proper slope? I would also use a product called Schluter Ditra between the mud bed and tile to prevent any water seepage and give you a water proofing layer. I'd recommend you go post your problem at the John Bridge Tile forums, you should get plenty of good advice there. http://www.johnbridge.com/vbulletin/forumd...y.php?forumid=1
  9. Hi - I'm doing a a bathroom remodel and need to rent a dumpter to haul away the debris. Can anyone provide me with contact details for some of the companies that handle this? I'm just west of the Heights in Lazybrook. Thanks
  10. Have you looked at using tile and installing a decoupling membrane between the slab and tile? Schluter makes an excellent product called Ditra that is perfect your application. More info can be found at the link below. http://www.schluter.com/6_1_ditra.aspx From the website:
  11. This post brings up some good memories from my junior year at Klein High school back in 1997. At the time, the mens restrooms were in terrible shape, including no doors on any of the stalls. Based on the original poster it sounds like nothing has changed. Well, one day at school I had to do my business and I absolutely refused to use the normal men's bathroom. So in my infinite wisdom I decided to make a pit stop in the teacher's restroom. Well my luck went south when I came out of the bathroom and a female teacher happened to be standing right there waiting for the bathroom. I didn't even notice but I accidently went in the FEMALE teacher's restroom (it was a single stall restroom)...ahh good times. Needless to say I ended up getting a couple days of suspension for that one:)
  12. Does anyone know of any companies in the Heights that sell natural landscaping rocks?
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