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  1. The lists and reports are impressive but its also important to remember that not every announced project will get built. (my guess is 60-70%) Think about it, we hear every day of a new project downtown but drive downtown today and count how many projects are actually under construction..., Very Few. To be clear, other areas are red hot so the slow starting pace for downtown has not concerned me at all because if past cycles are any indication, generally when downtown gets going, the cycle is ending. Many posters here on HAIF were all upset when Chevron announced a delay last month, but
  2. Cloud you're referring to another 6-7 story office project at Richmond and BW8. This one is directly across the beltway from Westchase Park. There's so much going on right now that its hard keeping track.., so many new surprises of previously unannounced projects.
  3. My comment was not intended to be matter-of-fact, hell if I know, I was only speculating. Go back and re-read the article. It referred to the Waterwall Place development as the 4th project under development THEN mentioned three other projects (implying one in the "Galleria area", one in the Museum district and one Downtown). If they were not referring to the Cafe Adobe site, now that would be an important 5th development that they neglected to mention. Some of you commentors on Haif are too smart for your own good sometimes. Use a little deductive reasoning my friend. Additionally, this a
  4. The Bizjournals story most likely was referring to Hines project at Westheimer and Shepherd (old Cafe Adobe site). Technically not what I would call the Galleria area but that term has been used more loosely than "River Oaks" for decades. I had friends in college who had an apartment in the Gulfton/Bellaire/Hillcroft vicinity and would always say "Galleria Area".
  5. You're not dashing any hopes TBooze.., Exxon has never said Irving will be the HQ until Jesus returns. So as soon as Rex retires I (and many others) fully expect that the HQ will move to The Woodlands.., mark my words! And maybe it's just me, but while I want all 3 HQ's to relocate to Houston at some point (Exxon, Chevron, and BP) I'd much rather prefer the Exxon HQ.., sibling rivalry. Until then we will welcome the additional jobs!
  6. I didn't mean to imply that Exxon 'owed' me or anyone any explanation, but thanks for giving me permission to speculate swtsig.
  7. Why do I feel Nancy's article here is a direct response to our speculation? http://www.chron.com/ Ok, it could be just a coincidence. Until ExxonMobil gives a good reason why they are choosing to move different groups off campus to The Woodlands proper, I'll stick by my statement..., somethings brewing! With no confirmation from the Exxon spokesman regarding the XTO folks in Fort Worth, maybe its just that group making a move.
  8. Read the writing on the wall folks.., this location will be for 'front office' staff (C-suite). Since when did 'back office' staff average $125,000 annually? "Sadler asked what employees would be at Hughes Landing location, but Alexander said the company still is sorting that out. It will be professional people, IT … some real estate department will be there …” he said. “We tend to move people around. We are excited.” Also from a company press release in 2012..., "Exxon Mobil corporate headquarters in Irving and XTO [Energy Inc., an Exxon Mobil subsidiary] in Fort Worth will not be relo
  9. Lockmat, I think this is the most recent site plan. The gap between the Sovereign's tower and west apartments appears to be just the on the 7th floor amenities deck and not actually on the ground floor (so its still all connected, as currently built). It was my understanding that GID has always owned the older apartment section just south of the Sovereign and it looks like they've relocated the previously released rendering of the tallest glass residential tower to the site as well (far right tower rendering here: http://www.gid.com/development/). Additionally, the next phase that was (is?
  10. No one misunderstood arche_757's comments. He/she was pretty clear in saying exactly what they meant - that Chevron could "go either way" - as in possibly not doing the downtown tower in favor of a Woodlands campus. So yeah they invited scrutiny of those speculative comments based on a silly rumor they supposedly heard from a "friend".
  11. Although you can no longer copy/paste, simply googling the headline still works..., although you must type it in.
  12. I live right across the street from Skyhouse South in Atlanta that's currently topping out with the more 'boxy' roof design and looks tons better than the curved airport hanger imo as well. Initially I thought the curved top would be preferable, but it really looks like an after thought and does not scale well with the rest of the building.
  13. "Big deal"? I'm not implying it was a life & death situation, just that IMO there was a hassle factor associated with not having direct access. Slick, I'm sure you understand that what may not be 'big deal' for you, just might be for someone else - so giving residents different options shouldn't a 'big deal' either.., right?
  14. No, this 'relic teenager' yearning/feeling for post card edifices is not a bad thing in any way. Houston definitely needs some more splash but dear God I hope THIS? isn't what they have in mind with the inverted triangle design for the new Glassell School of Art building.
  15. I was one of the first residents at Post Midtown Square back in 1999 and I'm very familiar with the set-up. I lived on the 4th floor of the building where Coco Crepes now sits on the ground floor - although it was an empty store front for years back then. It really wasn't much of an issue if I happened to find parking on the first floor of the garage of the 'Farrago's' building, however if I had to enter the residents gate to park on the 2nd floor or higher then it WAS a hassle, especially if I had groceries or items that would take more than one trip! I often found myself looking for para
  16. The skybridge would do a lot for me - if I lived on ANY higher floor it makes my trip that much shorter and it gives me the OPTION to choose an alternate route. Forcing people to live by what you perceive to be 'better' when you most likely will never be a resident of the building yourself is ludicrous. Sorry but I just don't see much validity in this argument. I would agree that the tunnel system and the plethora of skywalks downtown do hinder street life but this particular skywalk is no different than placing a parking garage on the lower levels of a building - residents/office workers w
  17. H-town Man - not sure about all your posts but I concur with swtsig that your posts on this particular skybridge IS ASININE. We're all urban planning enthusiasts but please be practical. If I lived on the 5th floor of the north building why on God's earth would I park on the 5th floor of the south garage, walk down four flights of stairs (with or without groceries, rainy day or not), cross the courtyard (it's not a 'park') and climb 4 more flights of stairs to my apartment just to appear "urban". Get Real Dude.
  18. While I prefer wide side walks (min 8ft) that invite walking, there really should be a grass and tree buffer between the sidewalk and the street curb for pedestrians - especially on major thoroughfares or higher speed traffic streets like Post Oak. Sidewalks should NEVER be placed right up against the street curb. Sure this makes for easy landscape maintenance since there's no little strip to maintain but the grass and tree buffer provide a perceived safety zone for pedestrians. That's Urban Planning 101!
  19. Not sure if this was ever confirmed during all the 609 Main height discussion..., but this appears to be a definite confirmation of 47-stories directly from a Hines rep. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2013/09/three-top-real-estate-professionals.html
  20. Demolition of old Macy's and Galleria III, newly rebuilt Saks 5th Ave moving to an expanded 2-level store in Macy's/Galleria III space. Total renovation of existing Sak's space into 35 smaller shops and restaurants. Completion scheduled for Fall 2015. (Possible 300-unit highrise at West Alabama and Sage!) Galleria project aims to up glam factor Simon Property Group Rendering of the space currently occupied by Saks Fifth Avenue that will house about 35 new stores and maybe restaurants
  21. In addition to the 35,000 sq ft Alamo Drafthouse at Regent square. Yes..., great work.., Thanks Urbannizer!
  22. So swtsig - is that the motive of these developers currently building highrise apartments since the capital is flowing to multifamily rental right now? I ask because I don't ever recall 20-40 story highrise apartment buildings going up in Houston as we are experiencing now. With the exception of a couple of galleria area towers in the early 2000's (1200 Post Oak & Whitco's apartment building on McCue), in previous cycles the highrise multifamily buildings were generally condo units to my knowledge. Maybe with high end finishes, projects like Hanover's BLVD Place, 2929 Weslayan, Herman
  23. I'm with you lockmat! ..., & yeah let's pump those brakes please. GOD would have built our 102 story mixed-use (retail/restaurants/apts/condo/hotel/office) tower with a 150,000 sqft Macy's/Bloomingdales on the first 6 floors and a Spire/Crown lit up at night (every night). "Heaven on Travis" Gerald's a good dude though.., but just a man
  24. Having lived in various cities myself.., I think Houston & Dallas are among the few that generally cater to the freeways with commercial buildings. Even some residential complexes are located on freeways in Texas. I regret the day that my address is "11500 SW Freeway Apt. #101". Most cities completely turn their backs to the freeways. (No doubt, the lack of feeder roads in other states have something to do with it). Funny, when a developer here decides to shun the freeway (as with Shell's I-10 campus expansion or Skanksa's 3009 Post Oak) we think it's weird. http://www.3009postoak.com/
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