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  1. That's just the perimeter of the garage you're seeing so far. Once it's wrapped with apartments the set back will be much closer to the street.
  2. About to jump the crane on the 25-story apartment tower today.
  3. I guess the well documented fragile state of the regional economy has us looking over our shoulders. But oil prices be damned - Roar HOUSTON..., ROAR!
  4. I stand corrected. Arabella is moving right along now - CRANE being erected!
  5. I'm a project manager for a construction firm and in my opinion virtually nothing has been done in 3 months. I only saw faint evidence of 1 or 2 piers being drilled. 3 months in they should be much further along than hauling off a few truck-loads of dirt. I'm in no position to say the project is dead (and I certainly hope not) but after driving by this site every morning on my way to work and seeing so much activity going on behind the fence, I'm a bit surprised at the lack of progress thus far.
  6. I drove by yesterday and peered over the fence to see that basically NOTHING has been done in the entire 2-3 months the crawler crane has been operating. Sorry, but I'm not confident about this one AT ALL folks. Maybe Randall Davis got wind of all the venom Haifers directed at his Aurora project and decided it just wasn't worth the abuse.
  7. For the first time I can clearly see this silver'ish color change on the crown from my balcony. I highly suspect its related to a new lighting feature to be unveiled Thanksgiving night at the Uptown Holiday Lighting.
  8. Disappointed? The translucent glass of the crown gives this building 24-7 pizzazz. It's like the crown is lit up both day and night.
  9. I've seen the downtown side lit up better than that in recent weeks when the top crown is also backlit. Here are a couple shots of the Galleria side.
  10. I've seen the side that faces downtown lit up better than that in recent weeks when the top crown is also backlit, but here's a couple shots of the Galleria side. Attachments_20151029.zip
  11. Awesome shots of the bhp building, it turned out exactly like the renderings.
  12. Back in August when they were erecting the fence, I was out running and personally asked the project manager if 'it was a go?' He answered yes and that they would start digging at the end of September, so lets see if they break ground next week.
  13. Love the green myself.., I've grown tired of every building around town being some shade of beige.
  14. The entire vertical lighting from the ground to top floor is indeed a lighter blue. The only white lighting is the 2 1/2 story box on top. Very well done. In fact, many of the new buildings being completed have added lighting features. The new BHP Billiton has a larger 3 story open top similar to 3737 that lights up at night and the 40-story 2929 Weslayan apartment building not too far away from this one has been testing a dramatic ground-to-top floor LED scheme on both sides of the building which highlights the center portion of the curved balconies. It's so bright that I can't imagine t
  15. Well it appears you're focused solely on office development and I'm thinking more in terms of the overall real estate market. If starts were the best indication for how attractive a market is, then San Francisco would not be the stellar performer that it continues to be since they severely limit starts with strict regulations and high cost of entry. I do not disagree that starts are cooling off, my point was it's not obvious to the casual observer. Sure Chevron may have gotten built, but even with $100 oil, based on historical cycles, it would have been wise for Houston to chill on office
  16. But Triton may also forget to enjoy the present. Who knows, by 2017 job growth could be ramping back up with developers dusting off some shelved project plans for completions in 2019.
  17. Actually, it isn't yet obvious that things have slowed down in the real estate market..., well because, they haven't. There's cranes still everywhere you look. We're probably at the absolute peak in terms of projects getting built and completed right now. Sure office 'starts' have evaporated and many cranes are coming down but the mega office projects (Exxon, Conoco, Phillips 66, Shell, BHP Billiton) are all just now being completed with downtown's 609 Main just reaching its midpoint. Even when a crane does come down, construction still continues on a building for another 6-12 months. I t
  18. We could have been waiting another 10 years for a 'showpiece'. I like it, it looks tons better than the 4-story Camden complex directly across the street and reminds me of the http://www.venuemuseumdistrict.com/further down the metrorail line on Fannin near the Hines Southmore tower under construction.
  19. The facade is going to be all brick and stone. A few weeks ago I went to the 10 floor of the existing garage and saw the facade prototype they were building, even snapped a couple of pictures. Also the rendering on site on Milam St. shows an all stone facade for the first 4-5 floors and details all brick to the 40th floor with stone accents. It should turn out very similar to One Park Place (same architect). There will also be fabulous southwestern and downtown views of the city FROM this building. The older 20-30 floor JPMorgan Chase bldg, 609 Main, BGgroup Place and the new Hines Tower
  20. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but I find it strange that the press release highlighted anchor tenants House of Blues and III Forks Steakhouse rather than "House of Blues and Forever 21". Is Forever 21 going away or something? I'm always afraid of it failing because I never see it as busy as other locations such as the Galleria and Memorial City.
  21. I rarely have much inside information on these developments however I happen to be associated with someone who relocated to Houston specifically to work on this project. After the redesign 'delay' last summer, I was told Hotel Alessandra would start construction in September '14, but thank God it was later delayed a second time while undergoing additional re-design over the fall. Let me offer some perspective. The renderings (construction drawings) I was shown in July that was set to begin construction were FAR less appealing than the rendering Urbannizer posted the other day. Picture th
  22. No, actually this thread was flushed down the drain when Urbannizer posted the new rendering (thanks Urb ). How in the world did Dallas get inserted into this discussion anyway? (Monarch ? strange dude, but I guess we could use a few more strange characters in the world) I've never seen so much beachin and complaining over a 20-something story building's redesign in my life. There's at least 10-15 posts over the last couple days repeating the same comments, it's like you guys all just happened to post at the same exact time or didn't care to read that others had already made your point. S
  23. You may be referring to the glass on the new ConocoPhillips HQ on I-10 being light and dark blues, however the glass that just started going up this week on Phiilips 66 HQ in Westchase is much darker than the earlier rendering indicated. I would say it is black and deep charcoal without even a hint of blue.
  24. What a great world we live in where everyone is allowed to have their own opinions regarding architecture. What's funny is most Dallas posters have derided that blackish glass 'Richard's Group' building that you praise with complete disdain from the day the glass started going up and with a similar negative fervor as you have the for Memorial City area. Since you like black boxes, ever noticed that 80's blackish glass building right next to Mercedes dealership in Greenway Plaza? For a fresher take on 'blackish', it looks like you'll get your wish in Houston with the new Phillips 66 headquar
  25. True, I guess I stand corrected 'somewhat', which is why I stressed 'from 2004-2008' when Houston experienced steady, consistent growth absent astronomical oil prices.. However, take a look at the historic price of oil and tell me there's no validity to what I'm saying. To single out a few months in 2008 when oil prices spiked to an all time high is disingenuous at best. Oil was around $20-$30/barrel in the run up to the 2004 Superbowl when re-development was occurring all around the city. In fact, save for those few months in 2008, prices ranged from anywhere from $30-$70 from 2004-2008, a
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