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  1. This thing has officially started today!! Equipment on site and men working. swtsig your source was right on the money!
  2. The roof top was lit up in all its glory the last few nights. Wow, eye popping! The lighting was the brightest that I've seen in all of Houston. Definitely a show stopper. I will try to get a pic tonight.
  3. And certainly skyscraper.whomever is the authority on all things ugly and beautiful.
  4. I totally disagree, it actually has always been one of my favorites! It has a crown, and multiple profiles with the stepped sections. It can look like totally different buildings depending on the angle. & chill with Houston/Dallas cat fights please.
  5. Testing different colors and movements last night.
  6. This building is typically lit up year round so I would expect it to be a nightly occurrence. I will try to get a pic from Eleanor Tinsley park tonight.
  7. You guys have to see the Allen pkwy side to really get the full effect - I'll try to get a pic tomorrow.
  8. It blows both out of the box! Monarch, sorry I couldn't take a pic while driving 70 mph. lol - I was caught off-guard but so impressed that I circled the downtown loop a second time to be sure I wasn't day-dreaming. lol I really don't want to overly hype it up and it end up being a let down when you guys finally see it but its probably the 2nd best lighting on a Houston building EVER - we'll planned and thought out. The only other lighting scheme I would place above it would be the old 30-story Art Deco Chase building - & man, if that one was 50-60 stories tall it would be much more appreciated by all.
  9. 609 Main's lighting scheme is underwhelming thus far, but I think they're still tweaking/perfecting it. However, has anyone checked out the brand new lighting scheme on the old Continental Airlines building 1600 Smith? FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I'm overly impressed!
  10. Has anyone checked out the brand new lighting scheme on the old Continental Airlines building - 1600 Smith? 3 Words - FAB-U-LOUS!!!!
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