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  1. Sullivan stevens henry and Oggero are not Architects they are a design firm and also Kent and Kent. Go to AIA web page to find an Architect or go TIBD web page to find a Certified Designer.
  2. go here to find a designer make sure they are Certified. They will have CPBD by their name http://www.tibd.org/
  3. I would check out Saenz Custom Homes I know he is building custom homes in Yost Street the Subdivions is call La Paloma in Pearland. I think the most expensive home he build in there cost 1.2 million He is the developer of the Subdivision. give him a call his number is 832-788-5641
  4. Sugar Land is famous for Home invasion you always see on the news a house invasion in Sugar Land.
  5. and the mosquitos are more friendly in Sugarland and they have smaller rats.
  6. How funny the game is call Texas Hold them but its illegal to gamble in Texas?
  7. If I was you I would look into Pearland better schools then Sugar Land. Major airport only 5 minutes away and you will be closer to Downtown and the Medical Center and only 20 minutes from the beach in Galveston.
  8. If I was you I would get my money back because I heard they are not going to move there anymore.
  9. If they build the stadium in Sugarland it will be pass hwy6 down 59 south somewere down there. If they build the stadium in Pearland it will be on 288 and Beltway8 It looks like Pearland would be alot closer then Sugarland.
  10. ok Pachanga lets see Architect 4 year Architectural degree and Exam to be License. Certified Building Designer 10 years experience under a Architect or Certified Building Designer and 12 part Exam to be Certified Designer no requirements just a computer and software. I check and found out Dame is only a designer so you are telling me people should put their big investment behind a designer?
  11. They ask for an Architect please read the first post. You gave them a drafstman if you knew he was not a Architect why did you give his name out? The days of unregister people doing Architectural design is coming to end very soon in Texas.
  12. Robert Dame is a Draftsman. He is not a register Architect. Please check with Texas Society of Architects to find out who is a Register Architect in Texas.
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