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    Those are actually blue lacquer cabinets. That is the color that the owner of that unit or the builder chose. The cabinets are by Snaidero (Italian cabinet company) - you can go on their site and see the color options. There are lots of high gloss lacquer color options , flat laquer options, and there are even "car paint finish" lacquer color options in addition to ebony and many other wood finishes. Some of the buyers in the building chose paneled doors with more traditional hardware. There are endless choices with Snaidero and MDA Companies (the builder/developer) allowed the buyers to
  2. At the end of the day - the location was the killer on this project. Period. AND - Turnberry obviously did not do their homework when drawing up the plans for the building. That location, at those prices, would NEVER have supported 182 or 184 units. Turnberry was not flexible in the Houston market, either, and insisted on delivering a decorator ready unit (no finished floors with primed rather than finished/painted walls) rather than a finished product. At those prices, in that location, the business model simply was not going to fly in this town and Turnberry was not nimble and did not a
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    2727 Kirby

    Units in the building are for sale only - not for lease. If someone chooses to lease out their unit after they close, they can, subject to the condo docs/restrictions. Regarding the south units selling prior to the north units - the south side of the floor plate on the lower levels (up to floor 15) contained 3 smaller units where the north side of the floor plate on the lower levels contained 2 larger units. The most popular plan was the "C" plan on the southeast corner of the building due to size, view and price. Also, with most high rise projects, the least expensive units and the most ex
  4. I work for an insurance restoration specialist/general contractor and we do take offs on the interior and exterior damage of properties and submit to the insurance company on behalf of the Owner. We work very hard to get the Owner everything they are entitled to and since we specialize in doing this, especially after hurricanes, we are pretty damn good at getting the damage and subsequent repairs paid for, less the deductible. Additionally, as a GC, we have the flexibility to sub interior work back to you (really just finishes, nothing structural) to help offset your deductible. If you, as
  5. I just spoke to the Director of Sales yesterday, who is a good friend of mine, and she said they cancelled the project. I also have it on very good authority that several Buyers are already looking to move over to another high rise that is already well under construction (delivery 2009) and in the same price range (read between the lines).
  6. If you're still looking for a roofer, I work for a general contractor and we specialize in insurance restoration. We can do your roof (standing seam metal, no problem, with a 3-year warranty) and can also help with interior damage due to roof damage. Feel free to give me a call - Heather at 281.222.5199, Watlee Construction. Since we specialize in insurance restoration, we can review your insurance adjuster's report, make sure you got everything you are entitled to under your claim, install your roof and do your interior work or sub it back to you to help offset your insurance deductible.
  7. I read this board a lot but usually only post in the high rise or "going up" section. I work for a contractor - we can help you. We have plenty of crews right now because we are still waiting for adjusters to settle claims. Give me a buzz - Heather at 281.222.5199. Anyone else who needs help with their work or dealing with their insurance company, feel free to call me, too. We'll do a free inspection and will work with your insurance company on your behalf to get what you are entitled to. Also, as a GC, we can do any interior work or sub it back to you to help offset your deductible. We a
  8. Turnberry Tower Residences at the Galleria has been cancelled. The Buyers have been notified and employees have been released. I believe this occurred on Wednesday, October 23rd.
  9. Turnberry actually charges about $.41 per square foot but it's only on the ENCLOSED square footage, so after factoring in the terraces (which are not constant, as there are several different sized terraces), the maintenance is around $.35 or $.36 per square foot. Don't forget that Turnberry Tower is a very large building with 184 units, so that accounts for a lot of the difference in the maintenance fees. $.65 per square foot on the overall square footage is relatively standard, as that is what the Huntingdon was charging until very recently and Montebello and Villa D'Este charge in the $.62
  10. Turnberry is not asking anywhere near $900 per square foot. It's really in the $500 - $600 per square foot range before terrace space and less than $500 per square foot after terrace space. It's $800,000 - $3,500,000 for the bulk of the building at 1,830 sq ft - over 7,500 sq ft after terraces. The two tower suites are over 15,000 sq ft each for $8,500,000 which is about $566 per square foot - quite a deal, if you've got the cash. Seeing as how all of the other developers factor in the terrace square footage, I included terrace space in the sq ft quotes above. Feel free to review the plan
  11. There's no fence on the site and no ground preparations have been made. No construction activity will begin until the first quarter of next year.
  12. Construction should start late in the first quarter of 2008. Expected delivery is the first quarter of 2010 for a 24 month +/- build. This isn't exactly Turnberry's first rodeo as they've been in business for nearly 45 years. They tend to put a building up pretty quickly. They started Turnberry Ocean Colony in South Florida after Trump started a neighboring building and Turnberry delivered first. Regarding $8million - it's for a three level residence on floors 32 - 34 with over 15,000 square feet and a private pool. Freeways and parking garages will hardly be the views. It's actually a p
  13. This site has been tapped for a luxury high rise for at least 3 years and was not the site where the retirement community was going to go. The site is currently a 2-story wooden office park type development on San Felipe west of Voss and just east of the Bayou. There used to be a Kinkos on the east edge of the property. Also - go to www.mapquest.com and type in 7703 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77063 - you'll see where San Felipe and Woodway intersect.
  14. www.turnberrytowerhouston.com You can click "skip" to skip the intro but it's nicely done.
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