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  1. I remember a long time ago, probably early 80s, there was an article in one of the papers about these miniature - I guess you'd call them works of art - around Houston that very few people knew about. They were right there to be looked at if you only knew they were there. I have a very poor memory so I can't say what they were but I think at least one was a tiny skyline. Does anyone remember these? Know anything about them? Jeanne
  2. Oh, that's great to know. That's the one we used to go to. Don't know anything about the one on Southside. Wonder if it is still as good. Jeanne
  3. Christie's closed? Really sorry to hear that. Was the best place to fine non-painfully hot fried seafood back in the day. My ex and I went every time one of use was paid. They made the best seafood gumbo. They'd pour it in a cup and must have dropped a raw oyster into the hot liquid right before it was served cause it was perfectly cooked by the time it got to us. Never overcooked, which is a horrible thing to do to a creature that died so we could eat it. The sad thing is that now I'm back in La. after 20 years in Houston, there's still no place in the town I live in to get great fried
  4. Heh, not only in Texas. We have one in Louisiana but it's a crawfish. Can't remember where it is though. I see it on commercials occasionally. Will take notice next time. Jeanne (Mystkitty)
  5. Does anyone remember when someone ordered this huge organ and had it assembled at the Sharpstown food court? I can still almost see it in my mind. It was very colorful, as I recall. When I say huge, I mean it was probably the size of a goodsized room. Jeanne
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