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  1. A youngster working for my wife asked if she had been to that cool club on Westheimer called "Hashtag 2"
  2. Waldo mansion owners withdrew the variance request after neighbors complained.
  3. they are geckos. small non-native lizards
  4. Just an FYI - you can call any towing company to came and tow a car blocking your driveway. You don't have to call the cops. The tow truck drivers fight for that commission, because they always get paid.
  5. From my contacts in City Hall, this was true. The head of Public Works has decided to change the (already approved) plan by fiat just because it was what he wanted to do. (Yes, a tautology, but you would understand if you know the guy) All the hubbub brought this to the attention of the Mayor, who made him back down. In other words, Innerlooped was absolutely right, and everyone who sent an e-mail, fax, or letter made a difference. This would not have happened four years ago. Keep fighting the good fight.
  6. Here is the City's response to my e-mail about this project: ================= Good morning, Thank you for your email regarding the Bagby Street reconstruction project. We appreciate the passion and interest you have for better roads, sidewalks and infrastructure for the Midtown neighborhood. As there have been many false rumors regarding this project, we would like to provide you with information concerning the Bagby Street reconstruction venture. In the beginning of this year, the Midtown Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) (http://www.houstonmidtown.com) began the Bagby Street Reconstru
  7. This was easier before there were actual sales in the actual historic districts. I had a little slideshow for the panel describing the limitations on my house. I put my house on the Protected Landmark list (My choice, my hit on valuation. You may recall that if your house is a "Protected" landmark, you need city council approval for modification or demolition. If it is just a "landmark" you just need to wait 90 days) several years ago. Now our neighborhood is a Historic District, and there are several sales that (sadly) justify close to the HCAD value. I took the iSettle offer (about 2% below
  8. Saw Steve Forbert there in what must have been 1980. I thought it was a great venue.
  9. I know times have changed, but back in the '80s I had my bike stolen from my garage on 23rd street in the Heights. I had the serial number and reported it to the police. About three years later (!) the cops called me and said they had the bike. IT had been pawned, and they (or someone) had checked the S/N against the "stolen" list. After I got the bike back (a rather expensive Trek) the cop who found it called me, and asked me to sell it to the guy who pawned it! He said he wasn't the one who stole it, and that he had been using it as a bank account. When he needed money he would pawn it, and
  10. Flashman

    Mary's Mural

    I was driving to work today, and the mural is back! I didn't stop to see, but it looks pretty much the same.
  11. We were recently burglarized here in The Montrose. Our dog - a pit cross of about 55 pounds, was not hurt (thank goodness) but she didn't seem to be much of a deterrent. She has a very aggressive bark, so I can only imagine that these baddies are fearless. Another friend in Old Braeswood was burglarized as well (during a weekday, the same as we were)and she has two bouvier of flanders. Big dogs.
  12. Joel Kotkin writes frequently about cities. Here is his take on our Third Coast from today's Wall Street Journal. Punch line: "In Forbes' rankings of the fastest-growing job markets in the country, six Gulf cities made the top 50: Houston, Corpus Christi and Brownsville, in Texas; New Orleans; and Gulfport-Biloxi and Pascagoula, in Mississippi. In contrast, just one Pacific port, Anchorage, Alaska, and one small Atlantic port, Portsmouth, N.H., made the cut."
  13. Cam someone remind me when we elected InBev to the state legislature? Was that a special election? Sons o'*******.
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