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  1. Haven't eaten this stuff in a long time. Doesn't look like I ever will again.

  2. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I always wondered why Rick Moranis was fired. I couldn't see him playing the janitor without making it some kind of caricature as he has been known to do in other movies (see Ghostbusters). I was right. Glad they didn't go with it.

  4. Maybe I laughed a little too hard over this... or not

  5. 6400 goes home to 6400 Richmond Avenue at StereoLive for one night with DJ LeRoy Peters, AND Mark Landis returns to host the festivities. It's also the first 6400 broadcast at 6400 Richmond since 1989 live on Cypress Radio 103.5FM. Get your tickets now!

  6. My boy Jacob Ian is 15 today! Happy birthday son!

  7. Hard not to imagine Paul Simon singing this song wearing the chicken costume

  8. Texans Mobile: Watt named Defensive Player of the Year by NFL 101http://bit.ly/1CMwPChWell deserved! Congrats JJ Watt

  9. Well... New England and Seattle in the Super Bowl... What else is on TV..

  10. Go Indianapolis!

  11. I'm watching... Kidco http://direc.tv/2200BSPGS @DIRECTV

  12. Way to go Green Bay!!

  13. It's 8:35pm. Would anyone else find it strange to see the mailman delivering the mail in your neighborhood right now? It's happening right now here. Weird

  14. I've known about the Chase and Wells Fargo sky lobbies for a good while. I first saw the Chase (then Texas Commerce Bank Building) Sky Lobby back in 1983 during a field trip in the 8th grade. Then first saw the Wells Fargo (Think it was the Allied Bank Building then) lobby in 1987 during the grand opening weekend of the George R Brown Convention center. My cousins and I were wondering downtown and went looking for the Hit Video USA studios in the Allied Bank Building. We found it and somehow stumbled on the sky lobby. I've been there a few times since. For awhile I was curious to see what other buildings had a sky lobby as well. The old Tenneco building looks like it may have had an open air deck at one time that circled the entire top floor. Anyone know if that's what it was? Hey KyleJack I had the exact same experience as your friend once not long after 9/11. My kids and I tried to get up there but they wouldn't let us and also told us it wasn't open to the public. It has since been reopened.
  15. Happy new year to my family and Facebook friends. I wish you nothing but love, peace, happiness and all the best in the new year

  16. Feeling good and it's not even midnight yet

  17. This is the last 24 hours of 2014. The countdown to 2015 is on!

  18. Game over! Texans win!

  19. Texans win!!! Wooo hoo!!!

  20. Texans do it again!!

  21. It's game time! Lets go TEXANS!!!

  22. Yay I'm sick!! Said no one ever...

  23. Wishing my first born son John Raymond a happy 22nd birthday today! You've grown into an amazing young man and I am so proud of you, son. I hope you have an amazing day. Happy birthday and always remember that I love you

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