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  1. Another student dies. Just sad

  2. Tweeted by Chauncy Glover

  3. I don't believe it

  4. Have to repost for my.. Ugh.. Cowboys friends

  5. Very interesting

  6. Rest in peace sir

  7. Atom Smasher is back... on internet radio

  8. Google changed their logo

  9. Since Railhead the building at 6400 Richmond at Unity became Fizz (1984-1986) Hippo (1986-1988) 6400 (1988-1/8/1989) burned down New building (1991) Back Alley Fitzgeralds West Texas Live Peter's Wildlife 6400 Sports Bar T-Town 2000 Club Bar Rio Stereo Live
  10. The Rose on Richmond was at 6367 Richmond. The place that later became Blue Planet and Shock nightclubs.
  11. Update: Cowboy was at 5351 West Alabama. I came across some old Texas Monthly and Computerworld magazines in a Google search (looking for something else) and found reviews for various clubs around the state. Clipped this from Computerworld. May 31, 1982 issue Also found reviews and an ad for Elan (there was one for the grand opening of the Dallas location). Other reviews for Fizz. I clipped and saved them
  12. I don't know.. What do you think?

  13. Guess i lucked out. Posting this from my 5s. It works! Like nothing ever happened

  14. It's going down tonight! Be there or catch it live on Cypress Radio 103.5 or cypressradio.org

  15. Well great... iPhone just got knocked into the bathtub

  16. Ive got chills...

  17. Feeling like s#!+ today. Great.

  18. Big crowds still waiting to get into Astrodome - http://abc13.com/society/big-crowds-still-waiting-to-get-into-astrodome/643641/I wish i was there!

  19. I still need to get my ticket!

  20. Im at Kuykendahl @ 2920 trying to get Cypress Radio in my car. Somewhat weak signal but hearing a remix of Madonnas Ray of Light with New Orders bizarre love triangle. Nice mix!

  21. Majic 102.1 mixing 80s

  22. Great! The power is out in the entire neighborhood.

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