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  1. Channel 1 was either a Reserved For Future Use graphic (but never was used) or static. John Lander used to say they were on TV channel 1 during the morning show (Wave to everyone watching) but they weren't.
  2. We got Storer Cable at our house in 1981 had it until 1985. This was the box we had. Still remember what it felt like to use it and turn that dial on the right to fine tune the channel. Storer must have served southeast Houston because we had it in Overbrook. I have family from my mom and dad's side on a small block of houses on Super Street in 2nd Ward and they all had Storer Cable. I can still remember my aunt yelling at my cousin for sliding that dial too fast across the box, I got it trouble for that too.
  3. The front of Katz's is the original facade. The rest of the building is new construction. I remember when the building was gutted for the coming 'M Bar', the side and back walls were removed and the front was shored up.
  4. I've wondered about this as well. I saw Mike McGuff's response to someone on Facebook that said Dave wasn't retiring. I think he will land somewhere else. My suspicion is KPRC because 13's former long time news director is over there now. Eyewitness News is not what it used to be, maybe Dave realizes this.
  5. no actually it wasn't VH1, it was a local low power video channel that went under the calls K05HU with the moniker "TV5" then later "Hit Video USA". VH1 had already signed on in early '85, K05HU went on air in July. Hit Video attempted to go national on cable but it never panned out as they hoped.
  6. The old Del Taco on Edgebrook is now Marcos Seafood & Oyster Bar, the facade has been altered some, mostly the upper portion of the building
  7. I remember that one on Fondren because I used to pass by it on the way to my girlfriends house off of Gessner. They used to go there a lot, her dad hung out there quite a bit too.
  8. Another post here had it listed at 917 Edgebrook Not sure if this is the original building with altered facade but here it it https://goo.gl/maps/tb2iKzZJ8qF2
  9. could be looking at the wrong building but I know it was around there, it sat abandoned for quite a few years
  10. S Braeswood & Hillcroft (became a Shipleys) Edgebrook near Theta (closed for a long time, now a Mexican restaurant)
  11. They were still around in 86. Had a friend in high school that worked there. Didn't know which location though
  12. Wow I totally forgot about those places on Telephone. I was just a kid in the 70s. I remember passing by those adult places along that stretch before and just passed 610, on the way to see family, that was our usual route. I do remember my mom circling the buildings there at Telephone & Lancaster one night, looking for my dads car. She found it. My dad gave her plenty of reasons not to trust him (they divorced in 86). I had forgotten about all of that.
  13. I have an antenna on the roof that can pull in up to 65 miles. Glad you liked our burgers Purple!
  14. Maybe someone over at Cox read my reply to Joe's post on Radio Discussions and had a change of heart. Those guys are morons, "bringing forward all this old material tarnishes their current "country music leader" image". REALLY? They want to keep it buried so no one realizes the 93Q name wasn't an original idea (even the morning show is called "The NEW Q Morning Zoo"). I mean come on, when TPTB rehashed that moniker in 1992, the original format had only been dead 1 year. We weren't going to remember this? So basically this station is riding off of the success of it's previous identity and management is trying to act like it's all their own. Get the **** outta here.
  15. He ran my mixcloud stuff a few weekends back. That was pretty cool
  16. He's basically simulcasting the stream from http://www.rock101klol.com. Not sure if they could get away with rebroadcasting any S&P. I love how he's been changing it up with something different on the weekends.
  17. There's one on Wirt Rd just south of Long Point also: see here: https://goo.gl/maps/FNraqXuwKRn
  18. I asked about these buildings a few years back here. I wondered if they were from a chain of chinese restaurants at one time. Looks like that thread is long gone
  19. A little old school for you... It's 10PM, when you saw this on TV it meant one thing... Or it could've meant 2 things

  20. Wow. I lived on Truett back in 73-75 (first house on the SE corner with the garage apartment behind it, I was really little but remember it). Attended J.P. Henderson for my first half of Kindergarten before moving to the Mykawa/Belfort area. I remember walking to the corner store on Bonsrell with my mom. On the way there would always be this old man sitting in his yard under a tree on Lawson, every time we went by he would tell me,"Hi boy!", never forgot him and anytime I pass through I look there. I'm sure he's long since passed (they've added a driveway in front of the house there where he used to sit). Also remember one night there was an accident on the corner of Truett and Dismuke. Car lost control and rolled into our back yard, knocked down our fence and right into the side of our garage. I remember all the commotion, the police and ambulance lights (as i could see through the kitchen window), but my parents wouldn't let me look outside, I guess in case there was anyone dead out there. I did get a quick peek and saw the car in the garage.
  21. Old post I know but just saw this.... K-Mart on Telephone previously was Globe Discount. When was this? It was always a Kmart as far as I can remember (early 70s into the 90s) Globe was over on Woodridge where Lowe's is now. To add to this, I do remember that church near Fiesta but do you remember the church in front of Gulfgate on Winkler? Remember Sage on Winkler (its some kind of school now I think) The center at the Wayside/Marcario Garcia (remember when that street was renamed) split with the Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell (i worked there in the months before we moved down Wayside in 1994), there were 2 other food places back in the day that there i don't remember, I think one was a barbecue place. There was also a gas/service station there.
  22. They used to be so much more. Used to do our Christmas, back to school and various other shopping at the old Harrisburg location, well there and Globe on Woodridge, but that's for another thread. Such great times
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